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August 2006

Commodore “Gravel In” PMP

by Johan on August 31, 2006

Commodore “Gravel In” PMP

The “Gravel In” PMP is Commodore’s new portable media player that features a 2.8 inch TFT display, an SD card slot, and 24fps video playback. The PMP supports MP4, MPEG, DivX, Xvid, WMV, MP3, WMA, WAV, JPG, BMP and GIF files. It has 1 or 2GB of internal flash memory, plus an expandable SD slot for removable memory. No word on pricing and availability yet.

Via Press Release.

Philips Introduces PC-Free Skype-Certified DECT Phone

Philips introduces the DECT phone for Skype, which works without a PC, to communicate via the Internet. The Philips VOIP841 is the latest digital home communications products from Philips that is showcasing at IFA 2006. Using this handset, Skype users can benefit from total flexibility and call without using their PC.

Slashphone via CellPhones@TechFresh.

Maxtek MNT-4300DMB

by Johan on August 31, 2006

Maxtek MNT-4300DMB

The Maxtek MNT-4300DMB features a 4.3 inch touch screen display, SiRF III GPS module, built-in T-DMB tuner, MP3 playback, a photo viewer, an electronic map with search engine, preview, and ‘easy mode’ functions, and PIP feature that enables you to view navigation and T-DMB program in one screen. This portable T-DMB navigation is now available for just $363 or around 349,000 Korean Won.

Via Aving USA.

Nokia N73 Smartphone Review and Video

by Johan on August 31, 2006

Nokia N73 Smartphone

PhoneArena reviews the Nokia N73 multimedia phone.

The N73 is a multimedia-centric device and as a smartphone it can expand its abilities with additional applications, which is a huge advantage over the rival models from other manufacturers – the K800 from SonyEricsson for example. It is one of the best cameraphones on the market now with its 3-megapixels and auto-focus lens by Carl Zeiss, and produces images even better than the Nokia’s flagship phone – the N93. Although its music player’s interface is not the most comfortable to use, it offers good options for sorting, but unfortunately the sound from the stereo speakers lacks quality for a portable audio system. Overall, the N73 is very good device, and the Symbian S60 OS justifies the bulky size.

Nokia N73 features a 2.4 inch TFT display, 3.2MP digital camera, 42MB memory, miniSD slot, Bluetooth, EDGE, an FM tuner, and USB connectivity. Watch the video after the jump!

PhoneArena via CellPhones@TechFresh.

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EON Touchlight – Minority Report

by Johan on August 31, 2006

EON TouchLight is designed for professional use. It is a new revolutionary bare-hand 3D interaction virtual reality display system. EON TouchLight captures movements in the 3D space with the assistance of three video cameras. We can use this technology for dynamic marketing displays, product demonstrations and truly interactive training experiences. Watch the video to get more details.

Via Press Release and YouTube.