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September 2006

Ass Kissing

by Jeremiah on September 30, 2006


I.. oops I mean we at would like to apologize for the lack of freshness and silliness around here for the last couple of months and a half. We know, we know, there’s a lot of ass kicking to be done around here and we need to re-line up our bloggers (and fire the sucky ones). The good news is that we at management have noticed this matter and we’re working on it ASAP. We’ll be hiring a copywriter to make sure we’re doing a damn good job at amusing informing you lovely people with the latest tech and gadget news from around the universe web (we have yet to gain access to alien technology). We will also be redesigning the layout in the next month or two, hopefully before Christmas so we will have mistletoes around for you to kiss under. So please stick with us, stay tuned and keep bringing your friends over for a cup of java.

If you need some divine intervention or if you simply have comments or suggestions you’d like to share with us you can contact me directly at jerrrm[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty. We love you all.

The First USB 2.0 HD-DVD Drive from HP

by Jeremiah on September 30, 2006


If you’re feeling sorry for your abandoned USB ports HP has good news for you. The HD100 is the first USB 2.0 based external HD-DVD player. But in order to make use of it’s HD-DVD playback, you need at least a 3.2GHz core solo Pentium or an AMD 64 X2 2.2GHz. No wonder no one’s jumping into the high def bandwagon yet. And if you want external output (duh!), you’d better have an HDMI or HDCP-compliant DVI-D cable lying around. The drive also won’t burn regular DVDs. What a bitch waste. It’s due around Christmas time this year, no known pricetag yet.

Press Release (PDF) – Via Everything USB.

Sony Vaio C Series Are Colorful and Sexy

by Jeremiah on September 30, 2006


Tired of your girlfriend bitching at you about ugly laptops? Try the new Sony Core 2 Duo notebook lineup in sexy colors and style. Following the Apple’s Macbook at 13.3 inches these are perfect fit for your screen real estate and your girl’s cute little lap.

At five pounds, these babies are nice and light, and it’s got everything you need from 802.11a/b/g wireless connectivity to a DVD burner. They’ll cost you $1350 a pop and you can grab the black and urban grey models in a few weeks, but those other sexy colors will keep you in line until November.

Press Release (Sony Style) – Via Gizmodo and Laptops@TechFresh.

Voicestation 500 from Polycom

by Johan on September 30, 2006

Voicestation 500 from Polycom

The Polycom Voicestation 500 conference phone has futuristic design and boasts Polycom’s Acoustic Clarity Technology. This technology provides you full duplex, natural group conferencing which minimizes background echoes, word clipping, and distortion in order to carry out a high-quality voice conference call. You can also connect Bluetooth-enabled cellphones to carry out your conference calls, or to a computer for use with VoIP programs such as Skype. No word yet on pricing and availability.

Via Gizmag.

The Black Box Concept Phone by BenQ Siemens

by Johan on September 29, 2006

The Black Box Concept Phone by BenQ Siemens

BenQ Siemens’ newest concept phone, the Black Box, uses a touch screen as its keypad. The touch screen changes the control layout immediately which depends on the functions you are using. What an interesting concept phone it is!

Slashphone via CellPhones@TechFresh.