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August 2008

Futuristic Door Concept

by Johan on August 31, 2008

Futuristic Door Concept

Designed by Brazil based design group Nódesign, the Maxdoor is a modern door concept that comes with a remote control, a digital door bell, number lighting that displays the house number, and a battery that powers the door up to one week without power supply. This futuristic door can be locked or unlocked at the click of a button, which is similar to a central lock door function on the car. I don’t know what happened if its battery runs out of power, maybe you will not be able to enter your own house. See more pictures and watch a video after the jump to get more details. [Tuvie] Read more

Spy Copter Records Videos From Up High

by Stephen on August 31, 2008

DraganFly X6 Recon Remote Control Helicopter

Draganflyer X6 R/C Helicopter is designed for aerial photography and video. It allows more frequent recon missions at a fraction of the cost of larger surveillance aircraft. Its anti-vibration camera mount is made to hold digital cameras (Night Vision/Thermal/Standard), Hi-Def camcorder, and weapons, offering 90 degrees of remote controlled tilt, while GPS technology will automatically hold the copter steady at one position.  The GPS feeds positioning data into the remote control’s LCD from which you get execute variety of tactile controls. It can climb 23 feet per second, turn 90 degrees in the same time or do fly-bys at 30 MPH. To get this cool recon copter, you will need to contact Draganflyer for price, availability and particulars about differing camera modules selection. [DraganFly VIA PeepCulture]

Toshiba SD Photo Editor and SD Multi-Tool

Toshiba is offering SD Multi Tool and the SD Photo Editor hand-helds with touchable LCD. The SD Multi Tool features dual 3.5-inch touchable (finger or stylus) LCDs, rated at 960 x 480, wireless connectivity, web-browsing capable, and HDMI out. It is excellent for videos or photo editing. The SD Photo Editor features 5-inch WVGA screen with 16 million colors, and is equipped with dual SD card slots, while the Multi Tool just has one microSD slot. Both supposed to retail in 2009 for approximately $300 US. [Engadget]

Transcend’s 720 Digital Photo Frame

by Isaiah on August 31, 2008


Transcend has just unveiled its new Digital Photo Frame, the 720. It boasts a crisp high-resolution (800×480) TFT panel and a full 2GB of internal memory. This new device also equipped with several advanced new features, such as its unique MyShow custom slideshow creator, AOS (Automatic Orientation Sensor) for landscape or portrait viewing, and special NaturaTone intelligent skin color enhancement that guarantees exceptional image display quality. Other features include an attractive desktop clock/calendar, clock/radio, an MP3 player and an alarm clock. There is no word on pricing and availability at this point. [Transcend]

Solar Cell Tree Charger

by Isaiah on August 31, 2008


Check out this cool universal & usb solar-cell tree charger by Vivien Muller. You can use it to recharge your cellphone, camera, or whatever, because it has 54 tiny photovoltaic panels and an internal battery that stores energy during the day. The modular parts are connected and can be rotated infinitely creating a different tree for your favorite sunny spot at home. Unfortunately, this design is only a concept, let’s just hope it will come into production soon! [DVICE]