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January 2009

SW-7 Color Weather Station Digital Photo Frame

by Jeremiah on January 31, 2009

SW-7 Weather Station

AMEX DIGITAL is back with another awesome photo frame, this time with a multi-function radio and color weather station.  Available in sleek black, the 7-inch TFT LCD will make sure you’re on par with the current weather.  It also takes most flash cards so you won’t ever run out of space, and USB for even more flexibility.  Complete features after the jump. Read more

Momoka Eri’s Aspire One

by Johan on January 31, 2009

Momoka Eri's Aspire One

Momoka Eri is not just another pretty Japanese model.  She actually owns a company (read: has a real life) that decorates mobile phones, PSP’s, DS’s, etc. Now why anyone would decorate their gadgets with jewels I don’t understand, but Acer is apparently showcasing Momoka’s very own Aspire One to the press. The picture above is of Momoka Eri from her official blog, for the bejewelled Aspire One, hit the jump. [Akihabara via Laptop Notebook News] Read more

Speech Bubble ‘Speak-er’

by Jeremiah on January 31, 2009

Speech Bubble Speaker

This high quality multimedia ‘Speak-er’ is probably the best piece of gadgetry that is realized this year.  After waiting many months since its first conception, these speech bubble-shaped speakers made from polished white plastic with beautiful black matte steel grill will start hitting production.  No details on tech specs but as good looking as they are, we wouldn’t be too worried about the insides.  Available later this year at $120, so you gotta hold your horses.  [PocketLint] Read more

Real-View 3D Scanner – Scan Your Stuff In 3D

by Isaiah on January 31, 2009

3D Scanner

Real-View Corporation recently announced their Real View 360° 3D Scanner as the first real solution for cheap 3D scanning. The images captured by the 3D scanner can be rendered and viewed from any position, and a topographical 360° version can be exported into any web based document, online catalog or online auction. Pretty cool! No word on pricing and availability yet. [Redferret] Read more

Compact Bluetooth Mouse From Princeton

by Johan on January 30, 2009

Compact Bluetooth Mouse From Princeton

If you are looking for a new and compact Bluetooth mouse for your laptop, then check out the Princeton PSM-BT1 series mouse. Available in Black, Blue and Silver, the mouse has an impressive 1000dpi resolution. The Princeton PSM-BT1 measures at just 60mm x 99mm x 38mm and weights 65grams. [Princeton]