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July 2010

SOS Stress Outsourced System

Sometimes when you are stressed out all you need is a little sign from someone else that everything is going to be alright. This new SOS device, which stands for Stress Outsourced System is a wearable unit that will hold wireless signaling technology to send an SOS to fellow users worldwide when you are feeling stressed. Other users can then send you back a relief signal which you will receive in the form of a haptic massage. It is all of the comforts of a massage from a complete stranger but with none of the creepiness. [GizMag]

The Stig Helicopter

If you are at all familiar with BBC automotive program known as Top Gear, then you know all about that mysterious character who never takes his mask off called only “The Stig”. Well it looks like he is getting his very own helicopter released in his honor, and even if you aren’t a fan of the show it looks like a whole lot of fun to play with. The helicopter will feature twin rotors which allow for a much higher level of maneuverability compared to single tail rotor helicopters. The best part is that this one won’t break your bank, retailing at just $60. [CrunchGear]


The Segway, back when it was first released was supposed to be the new age of modern pedestrian transportation, although it never quite caught on as well as the company had hoped. Now, the German manufacturer called Ewee has created their own Segway-like device called the Ewee-PT. The PT, which stands for personal transporter, uses the same mechanisms as the Segway and is capable of reaching speeds up to 16 km/h. The Ewee-PT will come pre-assembled and ready to use out of the box and will cost $1,039. [SlashGear]

ASUS CineVibe Gaming Headset
The rumble feature is something that has been prominent in video games for quite some time now, but that has been limited mostly to controllers. That is until we saw this new ASUS CineVibe Gaming Headset. The vibrations here are tuned to low frequency sounds and are not tuned in to game related events so that means this will not be a force feedback system. These headphones will also be driver-less and will work flawlessly with either Mac or PC. If you need to get some rumble in your eardrums these headphones will set you back about $80. [EverythingUSB]

GorillaTorch Adjustable Tripod Flashlight
If you are the type of person who works in situations where light is required but the hands to hold said light just aren’t available then the GorillaTorch is definitely for you. It features both white and red LED lights as well as a strobe mode allowing you to choose the right type of light for any given situation. At its brightest setting the GorillaTorch will be able to run continuously for 20 hours, while you will get 20 hours on the economy setting. The batterer even slide in all in the same direction to make changing them in the dark a snap. This one is available for $34.00. [7Gadgets]