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July 2014


I’m not a big fan of power banks. While useful, I normally prefer to simply bring my charger with me. But there are those odd times when you really need fresh electrons and you are nowhere near a power outlet. With the NomadPlus, you have the best of both. You still have your charger, but it upgrades it into a portable power bank. It simply envelopes your existing Apple charger like an obsessive girlfriend, transforming it into a handy electron carrying juice pumping device. It can charge your iPhone up to 70% capacity, but the good thing is that it can charge your other devices too. $20 if you use the discount code “nomadplus” otherwise it’s $39.



Living on planet earth, where we are aeons behind Alien tech, having a high end PC almost always doubles as having a space heater. Unless you live in the alps, this quickly becomes a problem, hence the noisy fans and expensive water cooling systems. But leave it to the Germans, they have a possible solution at hand. Dubbed the AfroPC – no I’m kidding – the SilentPower utilizes a kitchen-scrub-like copper mesh to dissipate heat from both the CPU and the GPU. This allows the PC to stay cool at around 50° Celcius without any fans. Not to mention that it’s also tiny at about 6 inches wide, which makes it even cooler. It boasts the latest Intel Core i7-4785T processor with configurable SSD and RAM options, starting €699 up to €1,159. It’s currently still in crowdfunding stage and they’re aiming at raising €45,000 before going into mass production, which is planned for Spring 2015. Just keep it away from the wife, yeah? Via c|net.

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Electrolux UrbanCONE

Until now, altering your micro climate is confined to the comforts of homes and buildings. While that’s nice, it would be ideal if we could alter our surrounding micro climates outdoors too. The Electrolux UrbanCONE might just do that in the near future. It’s basically a jellyfish-looking drone that hovers above and around you, ceaselessly cleaning polluted air, creating a friendlier, healthier micro climate for you. It can be freely programmed, modified and extended, and it can work in tandem as a unified batch. It hovers effortlessly thanks to its ultra light construction, and it filters the air through it’s poly-wings that move in a dance resembling a jellyfish. The filters could be programmed to collect and retain certain smells, so you could reload them at will, wherever you are. You could keep it near, or let it drift and do its job in your peripheral atmosphere, and you could share your settings to attract others with similar micro climate preferences as you.

Electrolux UrbanCONE

Electrolux UrbanCONE

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Watch Futurama’s Intro In 3D

by Jeremiah on July 19, 2014

Futurama 3D

Remember those days you’re lazying on the couch getting ready for an episode of Futurama and you realized that you ran out of beer? Well thanks to Alexey Zakharov, a creative animator from Russia, you won’t even realize you don’t have the beer anymore. Made with 3ds Max, Nuke, Photoshop, and After Effects, his 3D rendering of the intro is some sort of amazing. Feels like getting a cool upgrade, like getting a salary raise or a new Ferrari, makes you wish the studios would hire him full time for a total remake. Enjoy!

You can find the complete renderings here.

Don’t Throw Your Old Tech In The Trash!

by Jeremiah on July 17, 2014

Tech Garbage

Unlike good whiskey or a nice leather belt, technology doesn’t get better with age. For most places, the market for decade old devices simply isn’t there and in a world where people camp overnight for the newest version of electronics, we must consider: what happens to our old technologies once we don’t want them anymore?

For many, that answer is stored away in a drawer full of miscellaneous objects that you open every few months when you’ve misplaced something and you swore you put it in there. The collection of flip phones, Discmans and old chargers slowly grows with each passing product release.

You could also be someone who sells your old technology to someone who perhaps can’t afford or isn’t interested in the latest version. This is a great way to reuse and the Internet has made it easy to match yourself up with a buyer.

Or for others, the electronics just get simply thrown out. You don’t need them anymore, and you doubt that someone wants a VHS player these days, so where better should it go than with today’s garbage pick up? Sadly, the problem with throwing out old electronics is that it is not the same as typical municipal waste. Many electronics are full of valuable materials, but they also contain elements that are toxic to humans. Even more concerning, many underdeveloped poor countries become e-waste dumping grounds and residents are subjected to these hazardous materials through things like immediate contact or groundwater pollution, for example.

Less than ten years ago, Greenpeace ranked tech giant Apple as one of the worst companies for “green electronics”. With a company that powerful, they should have been one of the leaders in green electronic practices.

Apple heard that message loud and clear, and has made a significant effort to clean up their practices according to a recent article. This includes using clean energies, and very importantly announcing a new scheme to allow all apple products to be returned to the company and recycled.

This is a huge step for a company that has so many customers. With this idea you can sometimes also receive a gift card for the value of your device to be used towards future apple products.

Of course, Apple still has a long way to go and their continued efforts towards more green practices can only help to improve their company quality and reputation. When you purchase a new technology, it is important to consider factors like this. The potential to responsibly recycle means that you are not only doing something good for the environment, but potentially also lowering the e-waste load dumped on those less fortunate.

One reason that you may not choose to purchase with Apple, however, is the price of the products. Their products tend to be more expensive than many comparable ones from other companies. There are some good tricks to try to get deals on your next Apple purchase though! For example, check out mac rumors for up to date advice on current products and when to purchase. Or, you can also search for technology vouchers on via this site.

So whatever brand you prefer, whichever electronic you purchase, you can throw it in the drawer, sell it to the highest bidder or recycle it responsibly, but please think twice before you throw it in the trash.