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November 2014


There’s a subtle, unassuming, Indiegogo campaign for a new race of gesture-based input device called Flow. It is probably the most intuitive and precise controller of its type, and when it launches it may forever put an end to the use of the computer mouse.

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Prynt Polaroid Smartphone Case

The age of pasting memorable Polaroids on our bedroom walls have somewhat passed, replaced only with thousands and thousands of useless photos in our smartphone memory cards, some never to be seen again. A French startup is looking to change that, and rekindle the now ancient amusement habit. They have a prototype the call the Prynt, a smartphone case / backpack with a printer inside.

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Cyborg Unplug

Wireless networking is awesome, but it’s hard work to maintain and keep secure especially when you run a business like a cafe or you have many friends coming in and out of your house. One too many users slowing down or even snooping in on your wireless traffic isn’t cool, but now with Cyborg Unplug you can boot them.

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Amazon Echo: The Future Is Here… Almost

by Jeremiah on November 13, 2014

Amazon Echo

“Good morning Alexa, please make me a cup of coffee.”

“Good morning sir, unfortunately in this version I am not equipped with pairs of limbs to execute your order. How else may I help you?”

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How Secure Is Video Conferencing?

by Kevin on November 10, 2014

Secure Video Conferencing

Video conferencing security isn’t just in the best interest of the client. It is now a legal requirement for the provision of video conferencing solutions. Recent regulations state that all electronic client data must be secured to ensure the security of the client. Transmission data such as video conferencing also falls under this category. Because of that, video conferencing security has become one of the quickest growing parts of the video conferencing industry. No company wants to be caught without a working security solution, and so they work very hard to maintain the security and integrity of their data networks. Data security is of the utmost importance when it comes to video conferencing. To this end, in order to understand video conferencing security used by top notch companies like Blue Jeans, we must first understand the basics of how video conferencing solutions deal with securing their connections.

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