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December 2014

Rock Climb Like Geckos with Stellio

by Jeremiah on December 28, 2014

Stellio Rock Climb Gecko Style

Sometimes the craziest ideas come from the simplest places. Nature itself. The Stellio is the conception of designer Anupreeta Agate from Pune, India, as a part of her form course. It is a rock-climbing aid that simply sticks to vertical surfaces the same way the gecko feet do, with microscopic hair. To use it, you simply hook it to a carabiner and you’re set. The idea is that it would hold your body weight and you can stick and unstick it at will.

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Accutone Gemini HD

Beryllium is a rather rare element in our known universe, and one might expect that only the highest forms of alien tech would use such a material. In case you are not in-the-know, beryllium is a super lightweight, exceptionally strong metal that produces super clear and accurate sound.

But now prestige HD clarity beryllium audio can be within your reach with the Accutone Gemini HD. It’s a premium-grade earphone powered by high-end 8mm beryllium loudspeakers, encased in state-of-the-art stainless steel and recyclable aluminum. The Gemini HD has superb audio clarity and responsiveness and is the first to offer Accutone’s proprietary audio tuning nozzles.

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Lian Li O Series

Thin PC cases are cool, but it’s not so easy to keep them thin these days with fat graphics cards going around. Lian-Li takes the challenge with their all new O Series, a cool line of open-air, wall-mountable chassis. Graphics cards are installed parallel to the motherboard, thanks to its proprietary PCI riser card and extension, so the case can stay thin.

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Rambotech DS2 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

by Jeremiah on December 12, 2014

Bluetooth Stereo Headset DS2

Sometimes we don’t need super high tech. Functional is good. Stylish even better. Rambotech knows this and comes up with the DS2 – simple, stylish bluetooth headphones with cool colors and a neck band to keep it in place.

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Data Theft

Everyone wants peace of mind when they use their computer. After all, why shouldn’t you feel secure in your own home? Companies are consistently upping their game to make sure all your precious data that is stored and transferred, remains private and secure. Even something as seemingly simple as video conferencing has a need for beefed-up security measurements nowadays.

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