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January 2015

Lockitron Bolt

Coming home from the supermarket with a few bags of groceries in your arms and need to open the door? No wife inside, no problem. Beep beep.. bzzzttt.. click. Introducing Bolt from Lockitron. It’s a Bluetooth powered lock that can automatically unlock your door when you enter the proximity. It also comes with an iOS / Android app to enable you to give access to your family or guests. You can even track who’s been in and out of your house, and if you get the Bridge with it, you can remotely lock / unlock your door via the internet.

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Boosted Boards Dual+ Electric Skateboard

by Kevin on January 19, 2015

Boosted Board Girl

At $1,499 this Dual+ electric skateboard from Boosted Boards is definitely a luxurious way to get from point A to point B. But sometimes when you work so hard already it justifies to have a ride that reminds you of your childhood days, and one that actually works at the same time. It’s way cooler than a Segway and you can easily carry it everywhere you go. It is also the most advanced and powerful board ever known to a kid man. The motor is so lean and sleek you won’t even notice it’s there, yet it harnesses the power of a supercar. You can cover 6 miles on each 90-minute charge which should be enough for an everyday urban commute.

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Text Blade

Typing on your smartphone gets old really quick, and chunky Bluetooth keyboards are usually no-go either. Enter Text Blade, a scribble-tile-holder sized, modular Bluetooth keyboard you can easily fit in your pocket. It even comes with a simple stand to keep your phone at the perfect angle for best viewing. You simply lay down the keyboard parts on the desk and you can start typing rightaway. The modules hold together magnetically and each side contains 4 multitouch buttons that cover the full roman character spectrum. $99

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Learn to Code with Kano, a DIY Computer System

by Kevin on January 10, 2015

Build Your Own Computer

Ever wonder how a computer works? Well now you (or your kid at home) could easily build one with Kano. It’s a DIY computer kit that is as simple as putting together Lego blocks. It comes with a Raspberry Pi Model B powered by an ARM 700MHz CPU and 512MB RAM, and instead of boring manuals, it gives you a color book with illustrated instructions. Inside the box you will find cables, a keyboard, a speaker, a WiFi dongle, a preloaded SD card so you can start rightaway. They even give you stickers to keep the fun. On top of all that it is designed to teach you to code, in a very simple and entertaining way. For $149.99 I’d grab one of these and skip the academy.

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Koonhome Powerbanks Are Stackable and Cool

by Kevin on January 10, 2015

Koonhome Stackable Powerbank

When you are busy on the go and need a lot of juice, powerbanks come in handy. But sometimes one isn’t enough, and if you have more than a couple charging them with all those cables can get messy real quick. Koonhome, a Chinese company known for their smartphone cases, just answered this challenge with their all-new stackable powerbanks. The modules are available in 3,000mAh and 6,000mAh and they magnetically click on top of each other and can be charged with a single Micro USB cable. They come in various colors and you can grab one, two or more on the go whenever you need them.

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