Is 2017 the year for consumer VR Gaming?

by Kevin on February 24, 2017

A year ago Virtual Reality (VR) was all the buzz but after the VR headsets came out it just couldn’t live up to the high expectations people had. VR gaming was relatively well received but was still underwhelming. While there were some pretty decent VR game releases in 2016 they weren’t anything exceptional and the hardware was way too expensive and riddled with issues.

Is VR Really Made For Gaming?

The early adopters of VR tech like Sony, HTC & Facebook have released their respective VR headsets, the launch games have been released, and now all the excitement revolving the concept of VR gaming has calmed down a bit, for us to consider more pressing concerns like how VR gaming will evolve from here on?

How much can we do it with VR gaming? Is VR gaming just another fad like 3D gaming that will die out eventually or will it finally become mainstream in 2017?

At its core, VR technology is definitely developed for the gaming industry. Which means that all big developers and publishers will be focusing on the gaming industry for VR marketing their VR products. As with looking for a unique game, you will want to check out spin palace.

Why Hasn’t It Become Mainstream?

The major reason why VR failed to catch on and become mainstream in 2016 was the massive lack of AAA games on VR. Even the very few AAA games that were released on VR they came with problems of their own.

The physical issues, the nausea and pain to the eyes head and face that was caused by playing VR games using a VR headset was a main reason why VR wasn’t a success. This ultimately led game developers to make smaller less expensive games which they player could play is small durations without experiencing any of the negative issues. But does this mean the VR will never have AAA game releases? Surprisingly, no.

Both headset and game developers are making amazing improvement in how they bring AAA games to VR and the latest and by far the most evident example is Resident Evil 7: Bio Hazard.


Since it’s launch on VR, Resident Evil 7 has become the highest selling game for VR headsets and the number of complaints about any physical issues or pain in the eyes has not been heard! As of now more than 62,000 people have been reported to be playing Resident Evil 7 on Sony’s PS VR which is unprecedented for a VR game. Rather, based on the feedback received from players that played Resident Evil 7 in VR almost every player preferred the VR experience over the Console experience.

If the success of Resident Evil 7 is anything to go buy and the affordability of new VR headsets like the Samsung Gear VR and the no affordable PS VR 2017 might just be the year VR finally cements its position in the gaming industry.

But the major factor that will determine VR’s success in 2017 are the games and from what we see we’ve got an amazing line-up heading our way in 2017. Upcoming VR games in 2017 include the much anticipated Fallout 4 VR and the likes of Arktika which developers have promised will be a unique AAA game developed specifically for VR that will provide an experience second to no gaming console!

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