5 Fitness Gadgets to Look Out For This Black Friday

by Kevin on November 6, 2015

Fitness Girl

It’s nearly time to brave the crowds of bargain hunters once again, in search of discounts and incredible deals on the high street – that’s right… Black Friday is just around the corner.

Whether you’re shopping on the online high street or the real one, it always pays to know what you’re looking for before the chaos begins. If getting into shape is a priority for you this year, Black Friday is a great opportunity to get in on one of the fastest growing trends in health and fitness – wearable technology. There are five great fitness gadgets on the market that are going to be in demand when Black Friday arrives – and some of them could be available at considerable discounts…

  1. Sport Pulse in-ear fitness headphones

If you want to track your heart rate when running or cycling, and you like to listen to music during your workouts, there is a gadget that allows you to do both with ease. Sport Pulse in-ear fitness headphones are more accurate than the hand sensors on the handles of stationery bikes and treadmills at the gym.

Not only do these ingenious headphones pick up music from any connected Bluetooth device, they constantly measure your heart rate, and provide you with feedback and reports when it’s time to assess your performance. All of the feedback is provided through real-time voice coaching, which plays over your music when necessary. Usually retailing at around £200, look out for some pretty hefty discounts this Black Friday.

  1. The Fitbug Orb

This discreet, lightweight device goes wherever you go – tracking your movements and storing essential information related to exercise and nutrition. You can wear it on your clothes or slip it in a pocket, and it will monitor the steps you take with a high-tech, in-built pedometer. A digital coach accompanies the tracker, which provides important data and feedback on your activity levels. The Fitbug Orb fitness tracker syncs data wirelessly to compatible smartphones, tablets and computers. Although the usual price is £49.95, some online retailers could be offering substantial discounts this Black Friday.

  1. The HAPIfork

Some might say that there is nothing happy about limiting your food intake, but these electronic forks make you happy by helping you to lose weight. When you’re eating too quickly, the HAPIfork will warn you to slow down by vibrating in your hand. And once you’ve finished, you can track your eating patterns with the use of a very clever mobile app. Dietitians and nutrition experts say that people are less likely to overeat if they take their time – so this gadget could be priceless to people looking to lose weight. Expect to secure around a 20% Black Friday discount on the usual recommended retail price of around £50.

  1. The Smartmat

If you’re worried that your workout or yoga techniques aren’t what they should be, the Smartmat has you covered. The sensors inside the mat measure and record alignment, balance and positioning, and send this data to a compatible smartphone via an app. Just like a real instructor, the app then provides you with audio feedback aimed at improving and maintaining your technique and performance. While you would normally expect to pay around £200 for this clever piece of gadgetry, slashed prices are expected on Black Friday.

  1. OM Strength Compression Shirt

This sleek looking shirt has sensors woven into its fibre which record everything from breath rate and heart rate to burned calories and the effort exerted by muscles. The recorded data is then sent to a ‘little black box’ which syncs to an iPhone. An app displays all of the user’s performance data in an easy-to-navigate dashboard. While this shirt will usually set you back between £65 and £85, you can expect to pick one up for a lot less on Black Friday.

By preparing for the Black Friday rush for bargains, you can make the process of getting in shape and losing weight a great deal cheaper this coming year.

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