5 Ways To Make Your Tech Business More Efficient

by Jeremiah on April 29, 2014

Any tech business owner will testify that efficiency is an absolutely essential part of successful management. Tech businesses simply do not have the available resources to waste time, effort and money on activities that are not going to pay off. One of the key areas in which efficiency can be maximized is within a company’s email services. The rapid rise in technological advancement has seen email transform the way communication is conducted and is now an integral part in the day-to-day operations of most businesses. Maximizing email efficiency can therefore have a huge impact on the overall productivity of any tech business.

1. Allow for mobile and remote access
As technology advances, society has become increasingly dependent on the ability to communicate anywhere at any time. While mobile phones initially represented a new form of social communication, this has since expanded to the world of business in which people rely on mobile devices to conduct all kinds of commercial activities. Ensuring email archives can be accessed by smartphones is an important part of increasing productivity and ensuring efficiency can continue to flourish regardless of location or resources.

2. Minimize spam
According to the National Technology Readiness Survey, the average US email user spends approximately three minutes each day deleting or sifting through spam. Put into economic terms, this represents an annual productivity loss of $21.6 billion. The statistics speak for themselves and make it very clear that in order to increase productivity, spam must be intercepted. Unified Email Management from Mimecast is a premium solution for spam prevention, repelling 98% of spam with a 0.0001% false positive rate. This gives staff the freedom to work faster, smarter and, above all, more efficiently.

3. Consolidate vendors
Keeping external vendors to a minimum is a hugely effective way of saving valuable time that could be put to use in other areas of a business. Working with a single provider saves time spent on communications, procurement and support. License renewals will also form a singular entity saving both time and money.

4. Keep up momentum
One of the biggest barriers to productivity occurs when primary email systems fail and consequently bring all ingoing and outgoing email communications to a grinding halt. This can be extremely detrimental to small businesses who cannot afford to lose time and money waiting to get them up and running again. Choosing a provider that supplies an uninterrupted email service to end users is essential for any small business wanting to ensure a constant and uninterrupted flow of productivity.

5. Keep it simple
The most effective way to increase productivity is to ensure the overall email system is as simple and integrated as possible. Unified Email Management from Mimecast is a unique email service that sees all operations managed from a single web-based administration console. This allows for the central management of all email security, DLP and retention policies which saves a huge amount of time and can have an immensely positive impact on overall productivity.

Following these simple steps can help tech businesses take control of their email systems and save a vast amount of time, money and effort. They allow for email users to work faster and more efficiently than ever, meaning valuable time can be channelled into other, more important areas.

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