About TechFresh

Welcome to TechFresh, a blog dedicated to the hottest consumer electronics, electronic gadgets, gizmos, and cutting-edge technology.


My name is JErm and I’m the clockwork behind TechFresh. I am a web designer and a self-made online entrepreneur living on the paradise island Bali.

In 2006 while I was stranded in Malaysia, it hit me that doing web design for clients was too much work and it wasn’t so liberating.  So, for the sake of freedom and curiosity, and for the love of gadgets and every cool electronic toy out there, I started TechFresh.

At first it was a one man’s show, which quickly grew into a team effort with a few hired bloggers and a guy that was then my partner.  Long story short the partnership ended but the blog survived and TechFresh has grown from a measly endeavour into one of the biggest consumer electronics and technology blogs in the blogosphere.

The TechFresh manifesto is simple: “to take the hottest tech and gadget news from all over the world and bring them to you in a concise, straightforward but fun, fashion.”

Anyone can enjoy TechFresh without getting lost in the lingo, while the tech savvy could still come to us to feed their tech lust.

Our Team

Johan has been our most loyal writer.  He was a fresh college grad when he joined TechFresh and we had to go through a lot of learning curves together.  He probably has the most understanding of our trials and errors from the blogger’s perspective, and he’s been through all our ups and downs.  Yet now, 3 years down the line, he is still with us and still blogging strong.

Isaiah is my brother.  He joined TechFresh only a couple of months ago but he’s quickly integrating himself with the tides of tech news and is enjoying his newfound freedom that is working from home.

The Network

TechFresh is now part of the newly launched TechFresh Network.  Since the conception of TechFresh, I’ve started other blogs on various topics such as mens stuff and lifestyle, cars, digital cameras and cell phones.  And Vie, on the flip side of the gender, has started her own blogs too, one on the latest fashion trends, and another on bridal fashion and lingerie.  The TechFresh Network is the umbrella in which all our blogs are connected and distributed.  Overall our network reaches approximately one million web readers per month, and still growing thanks you to your kind support.

Please subscribe to our RSS feed so you can read TechFresh in your favorite feed reader, at your convenience.  You can also follow @techfresh on Twitter to stick with our auto updates on the latest gadgets, or follow @inlinehacker for pieces of my daily ramblings.