Amazing New Developments in Wireless Technology

by Kevin on January 16, 2016

Wireless Technology

Long time pioneers of the industry, such as Ehsanollah Bayat and many others, have played a pivotal role in introducing wireless technology to the world. Now, a host of new developments are being introduced that continue the advancement of wireless technology into 2016 and beyond.

The new round of wireless developments will focus on making this technology live up to its name in a way that earlier models could only dream of doing. From voice activated technology to cordless headphones, technology is becoming more intuitive and independent, and wireless tech will play a huge role in continuing this trend.

Will 2016 See the End of the Wall Plug?

If wireless developers have their way, 2016 may be the last year that most people plug their new devices into the wall. Indeed, plug-in technology may finally be on its way out, thanks to the proliferation of products that come complete with ports where people can quickly insert their wireless devices for a quick charge. This is true even of furniture manufacturers, such as IKEA, who have already begun to design and market couches that include wireless charging ports.

Meanwhile, restaurants and coffee houses, such as Starbucks and others, have begun to increase the number of locations that include tables where customers can quickly plug in their devices and charge them for free. Leading car manufacturers, such as Toyota, Audi, and GM will soon have vehicles for sale that include charging ports. It seems as though the days of the wall jack being the only place to charge and recharge devices will be coming to a swift and unheralded end in the very near future.

Headphones Could Go Completely Wireless and Cordless

Headphones have long been tethered to the plug-in jack of nearly forty years’ worth of devices, from the original Sony Walkman all the way down to the latest Smartphone models. However, 2016 could finally see the birth of the fully independent, completely wireless headphone set. The new line of Bluetooth headphones is completely cordless, without even the standard bit of cord that previously always connected the two phones to each other.

2016 may even be the year that headphone jacks start to disappear from Smartphones and other wireless devices. With new cordless headphones becoming more prevalent on the market place, there will simply be no need to tether yourself with extraneous wires, jacks, and other obsolete encumbrances. The freedom that such a move brings is bound to have immediate and fruitful consequences.

Household Utilities Will Become Part of the Wireless Network

One of the more interesting, yet little remarked on, possible developments that may come to fruition in 2016 is the connection of basic household utilities to the Internet. Devices, such as washers, dryers, and even thermostats, could become completely voice activated and largely wireless.

While the technology to create a completely wireless washer and dryer combo is not quite ready, the potential certainly does exist for a voice activated washer. If the thought of setting your household temperature completely by voice activation via a wireless thermostat excites you, 2016 could well be the year that your dream comes true.

Interconnection Is the Watchword of the Future

The wireless products unveiled in the near future may be amazingly interconnected with all sorts of gadgets. You may soon be able to open and close your garage door or set your car alarm from an app on your cell phone. You may not even have to make phone calls to your bank to arrange for simple transactions.

Instead, you may be able to pre-program an app with all of your relevant specs and let it contact the bank with requests and orders. While some of these developments are still in the larval stage, it’s worth considering in some detail how they are bound to transform our lives.

What Will the Final Domination of Wireless Technology Bring in Its Wake?

While the final prevalence of wireless technology is still quite a few years off (as few as five years, or as much as a decade, according to which industry guru you care to question on the matter), it’s worthwhile to ponder on the question of just what this major advancement will bring in its wake.

One thing is sure: Portability and convenience have always been the name of the game when it comes to new tech developments, and wireless products will certainly continue to grow smaller, more portable, and more inclusive. As they do so, they will undoubtedly transform the quality of our lives in ways that can only be imagined at the present.

No longer being tethered to an electric umbilical cord brings the potential to be able to physically move over realms of the Earth, the oceans, and deep space that hitherto could only have been accessed by satellites, drones, and remote controlled cameras. The ground is being prepared for a whole new of technological expansion that could bring exploration of the Universe to a whole new level of economic feasibility. Even this scenario is only one of the many possibilities that the new wave of wireless technology is opening up before us.

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