Why anti virus is as important as ever

by Kevin on November 10, 2016


Before the internet was so widely available, people weren’t even slightly concerned by the risks of viruses on computers. Information was generally passed using hardware instead of digital means and the systems would flag up if there was something dangerous on the disc – a far simpler time.

Now, with millions of people’s documents and personal information saved on browsers, clouds and inboxes – the threat of the computer virus is greater than ever. Combine this threat with the monumental advancements in technology and one infected download file could strip your computer of all its valuable information in no time at all – time to fight back.

Everyone has read reviews of the biggest names in antivirus software (Norton and McAfee) but these have been written by the risk takers who would rather there were no firewalls stopping the digital nasties getting into their system because they don’t believe they’re all that dangerous to their details.

A single Trojan virus can reduce the performance of your computer exponentially as it takes ahold of your PC’s RAM bringing everything to a grinding halt. If it isn’t removed as quickly as possible, it could prevent your PC from even booting as it drags every bit of runtime from the system – doesn’t sound too appealing does it?

Equally, viruses can infect your computer’s files and corrupt them into absolute gibberish without you even realising. Some viruses strip the information and replace it with random characters before feeding it back to the source via your internet uplink – think about that the next time you save all your private information on a single file; PIN numbers etc.

To prevent viruses infecting or damaging your computer, there are a number of free software options that look very professional but don’t be fooled. Free software is generally a lite version of expensive software that will only work for a short period or have limited capabilities – if any. One such example would be MalwareBytes – a free download that identifies thousands of issues but can only fix 5% of them without payment.

Don’t be drawn into submitting your details and paying for full coverage – some programs are genuine but imagine how many are fake programs just looking to collect your bank account details. The threat is very real and, without question, advice is needed to identify the good from the bad.

Thankfully, this website has reviewed the very best in antivirus software for you to peruse and allows you to make an informed decision on how best to protect yourself from the online threat of viruses.

As a first line of defence, a high percentage of computers, laptops and tablets on the market come with pre-installed antivirus protection but they are only effective up to a point. As they are so common, the creators of the viruses aim to design their nasties to bypass these run of the mill defenders – always invest in something more advanced and keep yourself safe online.

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