Bitcoin Takes Over Online Payment

by Kevin on January 31, 2017

Crypto-currencies are fast gaining popularity around the world. Bitcoin is a good example of a popular crypto-currency that people are using to make online purchase around the globe. It started as a fad. However, it has since evolved into a mainstream non-physical form of payment that can be used to purchase items or services at outlets that support it. Moreover, it appears that crypto-currencies have evolved to be more useful than before. Initially, they were an ideal preserve for online gamers. However, the use of crypto-currencies is spreading to other areas as well, thereby making it impossible to restrict Bitcoin to online gaming alone.

But why has Bitcoin evolved so much that it is now threatening to take over online payments?

Well, there are a number of reasons why individuals are beginning to appreciate crypto-currencies, especially Bitcoin, as a convenient form of online payment. First of all, the use of non-physical currency is ideal when you want total security and peace of mind while conducting online transactions.

For instance, if you are an online gamer and you’re intending to fund your account at Wintingo Online Casino, you’d realize that carrying out this transaction requires some sort of authentication, same as what would happen when you’re using traditional credit cards for online purchases. Also, given that a crypto-currency like Bitcoin is decentralized, it means that it would be less prone to online fraud unlike traditional forms of payment.

Another element of safety can be seen in how Bitcoin makes it impossible to recognize transactions or accounts based on real world identities. Instead, this currency is received or sent through addresses which consist of 30 special characters. Also, whereas analyzing the flow of transactions is possible, trying to associate these addresses to individual identities is something that would prove futile.

It’s fast and safe to carry out Bitcoin transactions on the internet

Propagation of transactions takes place instantly. These transactions are confirmed speedily as well, and this gives you a safe alternative when it comes to purchasing things or conducting online transactions. Also, since Bitcoin transactions happen inside a global network of computers, these are usually indifferent to your physical address. What this means is that it won’t matter whether you send money to your next door neighbor or someone on the other side of the globe.

Bitcoin is not restricted by borders

Traditional forms of payment are affected by exchange rates, fees, and commission. But on the other hand, Bitcoin is borderless, and is not affected by exchange rate or any of the aforementioned variables.

You see, this currency tends to be stronger, robust, and less prone to degeneration as a result of political instability or social-economic factors. On the other hand, these are issues that have always affected traditional forms of payment like the USD.


Bitcoin is likely to continue in that momentum due to its security benefits, robustness, and immunity against cross-border impediments. Even though the European Commission and the Australian government announced that they would regulate it as a counter-terrorism measure (since there are rumors that Bitcoin is also being used to fund terrorism activities), Bitcoin has still managed to maintain its value. So before you can think of taking advantage of Wintingo mobile casino bonus, ensure that you are putting this crypto-currency into your plan as a future form of payment to and from the casino.

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