Can Your Company Make Use of Conference Calling?

by Kevin on February 18, 2016

Corporate Conference Calling

Video conferencing has changed the face of business communication in a number of angles, and it’s displayed not just the potential, but the ability to be used by anybody for superior communication. That’s a far cry from what it used to be known as just a few years ago, when the technology was still slow, obtuse, and required heavy hardware.

Today, anyone with a phone and a hotspot can check their email, open a video link, and get redirected to a reputed conference call software of their choice – such as Blue Jeans. It’s hyper-connective software, in a good and manageable way – and most especially so for businesses. Specifically, businesses can cut down on travel time, put a timer on their meetings and calls, and speed up their decision-making process – an effect reported by 87 percent of a 4,700 user survey reported on TechTarget. So, does any of that apply to you?

For Small Businesses

Small businesses look to save time and cut down on costs, and that’s something conference calling can help with. By utilizing video technology, companies can turn their physical, time-consuming meetings into virtual conference rooms, taking less time to discuss important matters and cutting down immensely on chit-chat.

Startups sometimes suffer from being unable to meet their new market’s demand with an influx of funding, whereas others simply fail to stand out from the rest and push through the market – in both cases, video conferencing can help startups recruit freelancers and outsource initial tasks, to scale their production and services up quickly while retaining control through a better, more trusted form of communication than instant messaging or standard emails.

For Marketers and Entrepreneurs

For marketers, a video conferencing software presents a holy grail – the ability to intimately communicate with several clients at once, face-to-face, anywhere in the world and at any time, all at practically zero extra costs. Marketers live off of successful content branding, and nothing legitimizes content like the ability to put a face before the words – a moving, authentic face that can call you friend.

For entrepreneurs with lower budgets, a proper suit, some lighting and a high-quality camera can turn a video conference call into the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting – even with business partners on another continent. Through cloud-based tech, file sharing and screen sharing even makes it possible for entrepreneurs to present their ideas in more entertaining, enticing ways.

For Large Corporations

Corporations are often too large to make every single employee truly feel meaningful – and that’s potential that’s being lost. Through video calls, department heads can pull together and include more people in their meetings and memos, communicating with employees not just through printed memos and automatic messages, but actual live calls.

On an efficiency-front, it cuts down on the time and travel costs associated with proper inter-department meetings, and allows people to make faster decisions from the comforts of their offices without having to make their way into a conference room and lose their focus on work.

As improvements are being called for in the security department, competent and competitive software solutions are implementing encryption services and strengthening their security measures, to ensure corporate data and personal communications stay private, and out of sight and mind to any prying eye and ear. As cyber-attacks continue, and the global economy loses a whopping $445 billion annually according to the Telegraph, the need for commercial cyber security is there, and it’ll develop and thrive within the communications industry.

For Teachers and Educators

Are you a leisurely teacher? Do you love learning and teaching new things? Years ago, long-distance learning centers already began adopting video calls and video technology to teach students through live and streaming lessons on computers, allowing teachers in England and the United States to teach English to kids in Africa, or giving tutors in Japan the ability to properly instruct pupils in Southeast Asia.

It’s not just talking and body language that’s doing the trick there. Cloud-based services can also serve as an ability to send and receive tests and work in real-time, and through screen sharing, teachers can review and teach new lessons based on what students have already done. It can be as interactive as a real classroom, without any of the associated costs – other than your time.

For Manufacturing Professionals

Globalization is a powerful mobilizing force for the global economy, and it’s the production and manufacturing sector that’s driving the import/export community. However, to successfully communicate across oceans and time zones, proper communication tools like video calling are necessary to truly convey a sense of partnership and trust, in a way written or typed communication cannot.

No matter what industry you work in, video conferencing can help you expand outwards and improve the standing of your business, by exposing the human side to your business, and by making use of more than just your voice or words to improve relations with people thousands of miles away.

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