How the casino market went mobile

by Kevin on November 8, 2016

The gambling landscape is quickly gravitating towards the mobile market because that’s where bettors and casino players hang out. And with software providers and casino operators like Euro Palace online casino putting emphasis on delivering games that are responsive and mobile-friendly, we can say that the casino market has already gone mobile. But how did the industry achieve such a milestone? Well, perhaps the following points can shade light on the driving factors that influence the industry to adopt a strategy that would make them go fully mobile-friendly.

More people use mobile devices than they use desktops

This is a major contributing factor which has inspired online casinos to pursue their users who now own mobile devices. So far, over 50% of the world’s population own some sort of a smart phone or tablet. That is a significant percentage which is also very hard to ignore. There was no reason for online casinos to stay rigid when it was very clear that the market and consumer needs were shifting.

Also, since WiFi networks are fast spreading across the world, there is no better time than this for people to own smart phones. But this is just another opportunity which has encouraged online casinos, providers and consumer to gravitate towards the mobile revolution.

The casino industry has never been separated from the complex factors that govern the society. These include technological factors and psychological influences which are just too hard to ignore when they meet in the gaming world.

So, how many people are using their mobile devices to play games?

Some estimates say that the average smart phone user picks up their phone at least 1,500 times in a week. And for most of us, using smartphones is like our second nature. This trend has clearly indicated that mobile devices will out-perform desktops in the near future. But online casinos don’t want to be left behind either. That’s the reason why they have to maintain an edge and keep up with the changes. There is no excuse to remain behind.

Mobile phones tend to be convenient, and this is what online casinos have been looking for

For you to play Euro Palace Real Money slots and actually enjoy it, you have to do so with convenience as being a priority. The good thing is that this is a job that mobile devices have managed to do very well. For those who bet using their mobile devices, a smartphone is viewed as an indispensable gadget. People want to bet on the go and not wait for a time when they will do it on their desktop.

Statistics now say that mobile players convert faster than desktop players. And it goes on to say that mobile players spend a lot of time on gaming platforms compare to their desktop counterparts. So if this is something to go by, then we can say that online casinos will be the most affected if they refuse to go with the change. It is for this reason that Euro Palace online casino and its rivals have made sure that all their game offerings are mobile-friendly.

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