What is the difference between 115v and 230v in air conditioning?

by Kevin on July 28, 2016

When it’s summer heat again and flows of the hot air making you feel tired and ill, we know what can save your day or, maybe, even save your summer. And, no, we are not talking about the vacation!


The climate control equipment is a thing which helps you to deal with stuffiness and heat. And air conditioner is now indispensable appliance in every office and home.

Is your air conditioner energy efficient?

Choosing the air conditioner you hope to receive high technology equipment with chosen energy efficiency ratio. It will also help to save the money and care about the ecology.

But how to know for sure that your climate control equipment has mentioned efficiency ratio and saves energy as it should?

Let’s find out more about the energy efficiency of air conditioners.


One of the main metrics of air conditioner energy efficiency is SEER. It shows the level of energy saving.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) shows how much cooling a system puts out for each unit of energy it consumes. So, the higher is SEER, the higher is a level of efficiency of the air conditioning system.

However, The SEER is a relative metric, and with a changing of the operational temperature, it also changes. That’s why in the air conditioner description we can see « up to… SEER».

At Comfortside.com, a HVAC equipment shop, the most energy efficient is Victoria series from Cooper&Hunter. Some models from this series have up to 23 SEER.

Another way to determine energy efficiency more accurately is to use EER.

In comparison with SEER, it shows actual cooling per hour and dividing it by the watts of electricity used to reject the heat. EER doesn’t take into account seasonal variations; consequently, it is calculated for chosen controlled environment.

The main advantage is that ratio depends on a location of air conditioning system, and takes local temperature and humidity level into account.

Comfort and Innovations

You create comfort at your home and care for yourself and your loved ones. Don’t be afraid to join the technology innovation! New gadgets and technologies are appearing every day and all we can do is accept them and enjoy the advantages of living in 21 century!

Comfortside is created for you to find the perfect air conditioner. Choose a suitable air conditioner, decide which energy efficiency you need and stay in a comfort zone all year long!

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