Dragon’s Dogma Online – Second Trailer

by Isaiah on February 19, 2015


The second trailer for Capcom’s upcoming online open world action RPG video game ‘Dragon’s Dogma Online’ has just been released. You could check it out after the break.

To refresh your memory, Dragon’s Dogma Online is made to essentially be the original Dragon’s Dogma, but fully online. The game was initially developed in parallel to the expansion, Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen, and will allow players to battle monsters together in the same action-based manner of the original game.

The plot of Dragon’s Dogma Online will revolve around a mystic ‘white dragon’. Due to unknown reasons, the dragon has been weakened, and in order to resolve this problem, the white dragon seeks out scores of people, making them all Arisen to fight for it.

Dragon’s Dogma Online will hit PS4, PS3 and PC this year in Japan as a free-to-play title. [YouTube]

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