Dyson 360 Eye: Vacuum Cleaner From the Future

by Jeremiah on September 23, 2014

Dyson 360 Eye

When iRobot released the first Roomba, the world was excited. But that excitement didn’t last too long, when people find out that it was more of a status symbol than an actual effective cleaning machine. Dyson tries to change this with their all new 360 Eye. It’s the first robotic vacuum cleaner with tank tracks and 360-degree vision. It can surpass all household terrains, and it snaps about 30 images per second to map your room for speedy and thorough cleaning.

Dyson plans to release the first 360 Eye in Japan sometime in 2015, targeting the country’s small apartments and its adaptability to revolutionary technological advancements. It will retail for about £700 but that’s a fair price considering its £28 million development costs, which spans over 16 years of research.

The 360 Eye holds a 0.4 liter container and can operate for 20 to 30 minutes straight before auto-docking for a recharge. It also comes with an iOS and Android app to setup the bot and assign cleaning schedules.

Dyson 360 Eye

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