How to Find the very best gaming laptops in 2017

by Kevin on January 30, 2017

If you’re looking for a new PC to fulfil all your online gaming needs then you’ll no doubt want the most powerful, fastest laptop that can handle all your games at maximum settings without even a hint of lag or graphic degradation but you’ll also want to keep the spend below the comparative console offering; right?

It’s not an easy task to find this super computer for less than a console might cost, in fact, it’s borderline impossible as a gaming laptop worth your time will set you back at least £800 – twice as much as the comparative consoles. Thankfully, there is the potential that these laptops will offer you twice as much enjoyment, flexibility and value for money than the consoles.

The barrier for high end PC gaming is steadily getting lower as the latest innovations become more accessible on the whole such as VR and the latest offering from the Unreal Engine. They still aren’t what you’d call cheap but you do have to invest if you want to be on the cutting edge of technology – that’s always been a fact of technology.

There are some superb offerings on the market but none are 100% perfect; this is because each and every gamer has different needs and requirements to get the best from their gaming experience. Some might invest a lot of their time in massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG’s) which put a huge strain on the processor, graphics and sound cards with their sumptuous imagery and full soundtracks where others may only need a fraction of this potential power to play their favourite games on sites like

Either way; you’ll want the best from your investment and the potential to do more as and when you need it to. Even the online casinos are evolving into serious gaming platforms that offer graphics to test some of the best offerings from the computer gaming marketplace – video sections in  advanced animations are even causing the previous generation of iPad’s issues showing a huge step forwards.

The most suitable laptops for gaming will cost, without doubt, in excess of £1,200 and it’s easy to see why. Almost all of them come with 16GB of RAM, Quad Core processors and enormous screens to ensure compatibility with all the latest games coming to market.

These parts aren’t cheap and the manufacturers will have done the best they can with the pricing of their machines; they do want to sell them after all. Some gamers will tell you it is better to build your own gaming machine but this will prove more expensive over time – plus the technical know-how required is gargantuan; stick to the pre-built offerings.

As a final suggestion, if you are certain that a gaming laptop is definitely the platform you want for your gaming enjoyment, look for the one with the best battery life. Average performance elsewhere is relatively acceptable as long as you aren’t tethered to the wall with your charger every few hours. Gaming puts a lot of stress on the computer’s battery, even online casino games, and the promised fifteen hour battery life could rapidly diminish with high demand games – check the specs carefully.

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