Flow to Extinguish an Entire Race of Mice into Oblivion

by Jeremiah on November 24, 2014


There’s a subtle, unassuming, Indiegogo campaign for a new race of gesture-based input device called Flow. It is probably the most intuitive and precise controller of its type, and when it launches it may forever put an end to the use of the computer mouse.

Flow is a wireless device with a programmable shortcut to your favorite actions. It recognizes your hand gestures, sensitive touch and haptics and convert them into actionable commands. This is by far more natural also more interactive than using the good old keyboard and mouse. With Flow you will be using all your hand muscles therefore it is also healthier for you. No more joint pains and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The creators of Flow drove this innovation because as users we simply need a better tool to interface with our electronic devices. Flow can be freely programmed, and is now in development mode where they work with numerous mainstream app providers to make Flow work seamlessly with them. To name a few we have Photoshop, YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Pandora, among others and many more to come.

Inconspicuous, portable, beautiful. Just what we need now and for the future come.


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