The Four Kings Casino and Slots PS4 Review

by Kevin on April 3, 2016


The four kings casino is a game composed of great ideas but perhaps the way these ideas are put forth, isn’t the best.

A social hub and a number of mini games are the soul of this game but lack real vibe. Both aspects are fun but the time spent waiting to explore online bingo games can be frustrating.

The apartment room promises much but utter lack of interactivity renders that full of boredom as well. The game has a fantastic shell of presentation and graphics but other aspects such as a lack of a structured tutorial take the shine off. The mechanics and controls are shoved in your face first up is unpleasant and render all the information forgettable. The ridiculously small and uncustomizable font size also creates problems in reading those instructions. An option to clear this mess would be welcome alongside the nice UI colour options.

The game is aesthetically very appealing and presents amusing animations alongside impressive graphic details. These visuals, however, are marred by consistently low framerate and takes almost everything away from one of the best qualities of the game.

The music is irritates instead of providing the intended relaxation. Audio feedback is non-existent and so is any ambient music. This is surprising with the amount of attention that has been given to other small sound effects.

All is not bad, however. The plethora of options in character creation is a very welcome feature and adds life to the game and its characters. The game is also free to play and doesn’t even require a ‘Playstation plus’ subscription which is a huge plus.

The game also offers a large amount of chips as startup and are enough to let the user play for a considerable amount of time even if he/she doesn’t win at all. Free chips are also frequently awarded for logging in or other small actions as well as in small amounts every quarter of an hour.

Reward points are also gained with every win which can be utilized to purchase further character customizations. Customizations can also be purchased for real money but they do not put the unpaid players at any disadvantage as they are purely cosmetic.

A strong platform of art direction, character customization and next to no pressure to pay for upgrades makes this title worth having a look. Being totally free, this game has to be judged differently from paid releases especially if you’re into casino games and play on online bingo sites.

With games like Warframe featuring in the free games market, this one may fall well short. It does have tremendous potential, however, and with user feedback very prominent and accessible, it seems this game is community driven. With huge potential to flourish, we may see this game reach unprecedented heights but right now, it lacks the spark.

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