Future Predictions of Online Gambling

by Kevin on April 25, 2017

Does the world of online gambling fascinate you? Do you dream of one day honing your online poker skills enough that you can book a trip to Las Vegas to compete at the WSOP (World Series of Poker)? If so, chances are you’re pretty darn intrigued to see what the future holds for the world of online gambling. To help you get excited and so you’ll know what to expect, today we’ve listed three of our predictions for the future of online gambling.

1 – Skill-based games
Millennials live their lives online, and therefore it’s no surprise that they’re gradually turning their attentions to the world of online gambling. But exactly how will those designing the online gambling games capture their imaginations? We predict it will be through more skill-based games that challenge the players, and hold their interest for longer. You can also expect a move towards more social gaming, with those gambling live online streaming their matches and game stats so that people can watch and learn from home.

2 – More virtual reality

Although virtual online casinos, where you can mingle with the staff and have a wander around the casino floor, are already out there and fantastic, sadly they’re not accessible to all just yet due to the cost of virtual reality headsets. As further developments are made, and the hardware comes down in costs, you can expect the world of the online casinos to improve and improve. Additionally, we’re seeing a move towards online gamers seeking out games where they can play single and multi-player in the same arena. It seems they enjoy a carefully crafted world just as much as an excellent storyline. As things develop we should expect to see a combination of the two made available, i.e. one minute you’re playing some roulette with a buddy in an online casino, the next you wander off on a little spin-off quest. Sounds exciting doesn’t it!

3 – Bitcoin to grow in popularity

Moving forward we expect to see Bitcoin become the go-to currency for the online gambling world. The digital currency is already relatively popular with players attracted by practically non-existent transaction fees, the fact it offers anonymity, and because it allows players to dodge the low withdrawal limits of online casinos. As more jurisdictions accept the online currency, Bitcoin is likely to go from strength to strength.

4 – More US States to offer regulated online gambling

2017 looks to be the year that more US states finally legalise regulated online gambling. Industry experts believe that the future of online gambling in the US starts and ends with the decision about to be made in Pennsylvania. As we speak the Pennsylvania House of Representatives has introduced a bill that would legalise online gambling, which is expected to be reviewed in the senate any day now. It’s thought that the decision made in Pennsylvania could be the encouragement that other states, most notably New York and California, need to climb aboard the online gambling bandwagon.

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