Gemini HD: Super Clear Beryllium Earphones from Accutone

by Kevin on December 24, 2014

Accutone Gemini HD

Beryllium is a rather rare element in our known universe, and one might expect that only the highest forms of alien tech would use such a material. In case you are not in-the-know, beryllium is a super lightweight, exceptionally strong metal that produces super clear and accurate sound.

But now prestige HD clarity beryllium audio can be within your reach with the Accutone Gemini HD. It’s a premium-grade earphone powered by high-end 8mm beryllium loudspeakers, encased in state-of-the-art stainless steel and recyclable aluminum. The Gemini HD has superb audio clarity and responsiveness and is the first to offer Accutone’s proprietary audio tuning nozzles.

The Gemini HD comes with three pairs of nozzles, designed to allow users to tune its audio settings by simply switching the nozzles. CLEAR for clarity and responsiveness, BALANCE for full-spectrum smoothness, and WARM for a bass-enhanced experience.

Accutone Gemini HD

Accutone Gemini HD

As an added feature. the Gemini HD features Comply Premium Earphone Tips, providing perfect noise-isolation by heat-forming to each individual’s ear canal.

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