Get a HUG and Stay Hydrated

by Jeremiah on August 6, 2014


What is THE+HUG?

THE+HUG is a convenient sensor + app solution that tracks your water intake and coaches you towards optimal hydration.

We all could use a hug from time to time, but moreover, we need water. Unfortunately between coffees, sodas and beers, the average modern man drinks less than the body needs. This is one of the main reasons for lethargy and the beginning of a lot of serious illnesses.

THE+HUG is a simple solution that will help you stay properly hydrated. The sensor HUGS your water bottle and using motion data and algorithms it tracks your water intake. It then sends this data to the app, which will remind you when to drink through its simple notifications.

It is crucial to stay properly hydrated as water can aid cognitive and physical performance. THE+HUG acts as your personal water coach, helping you stay within your optimal hydration levels.

Get yourself a HUG from their Kickstarter page, and spread the love.



THE+HUG Sketch

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