GhostArk is an Ultra-Cool Ghost-Hunting Device that Fits in Your Pocket

by Kevin on February 1, 2015


Chasing ghosts isn’t quite a mainstream hobby, but considering that we are becoming more and more attuned to strange phenomena, it’s way better than being chased by a ghost. But to be a ghost hunter you need a proper device, as we have learned in our childhood from the likes of Ghostbusters. Luckily with today’s tech no longer we need those hefty equipments on our backs do go on a ghost hunting adventure.

Enter GhostArk, the world’s first all-in-one ghost hunting device. It was specially designed for professional ghost hunters and paranormal investigators but it also caters to tech enthusiasts that simply want to play with ultra-cool devices. With it you can capture ghost, spirits, voices, and anything you can imagine with great accuracy. You can scan frequencies, measure electromagnetic fields, and detect ambient temperature raises and drops. It also comes with night vision for your safety in the dark, and you can record all the captured activities simultaneously.

Sounds fun? $199


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