Honda’s New Asimo Now With AI And A Creepy Smile

by Jeremiah on July 16, 2014

Honda's New Asimo Smiling

Remember the Asimo? Honda first introduced it about 15 years ago but now they are back with a better, blacker, badder version. With a smile. A creepy, malicious smile that tells you all sorts of weird you can imagine from a robot. And artificial intelligence laden robot too, which could single out multiple faces and voices in a crowd. It also has been enhanced with 13 degrees of hand dexterity and the ability to run faster, forwards and back, jump smoothly, and climb up and down the stairs effortlessly. It opens bottles and pours drinks like an expert and it can even express sign language, or give you a warning signal that it’s about to take you over. Luckily it doesn’t run faster than 5.6 MPH so it won’t be too difficult to escape in case you deem it life threatening. However as it can also predict and react to what’s going on around it, so it would make it a challenge to shut it down without mastering some kick-ass martial arts moves. Just kidding. Now smile!

[Press Release].

Honda's New Asimo

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