Hosted PBX: Changing the Way That Companies Handle Calls

by Kevin on August 25, 2014

Cloud PBX

PBX solutions have been used by companies for many years. However, with the technology rapidly changing and evolving, you may feel as though it’s hard to keep up with the changes. Keeping the most crucial needs in mind is essential.

Knowing how many phone numbers, extensions and phones to use ahead of time makes the transition easier. Knowing whether you want to keep using your current number, get a toll-free number or a vanity number is also essential. Lastly, you’ll want to consider specific features like long distance and conference calling.

Cloud hosted PBX technology has changed the way that companies handle their phone calls. It’s a combination of PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, and cloud hosting. This option allows the hosting provider to fully manage the maintenance and storage for the hardware. This eliminates the need for dedicated IT professionals to manage the phone systems, saving companies both time and money.

One of the major advantages to this solution is that installation costs are minimal. In some cases, companies may be able to start using a new PBX system without any upfront costs. You will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that someone is available to handle any problems that arise. This is a solution ideal for small or medium businesses that use fewer than 300 phone lines.

It’s easy to see why many companies have decided that this is a great alternative to traditional PBX systems. On-hold music, call routing and other features used in an office environment are included, ensuring that you don’t have to do without important features. An increasing number of new features are expected to be available as this technology evolves.

The setup process is much easier because of everything being unified. Older systems required the use of several types of wiring and hardware. These newer systems are more unified and are focused mainly on the use of a router. This is an option that is also much more flexible than many previous systems. Many companies benefit from allowing their employees to access their phone system when they’re out of the office. The best part about this option is that it’s easier to add additional features that employees may need.

Making the switch to one of these more advanced PBX systems is easier than many people may realize. You have several options depending on whether you want to port a current number or get set up with a new one. Should you decide to port your current number, make sure your service with the previous provider isn’t terminated until the porting is done. Otherwise, you will lose access to your number. Forwarding incoming cells to a mobile number during this time is often the easiest method.

There are several settings that you’ll want to make sure are taken care of right away. You can arrange to have calls come in to the office during specified hours, with options for answering calls after hours. No matter whether you choose to have after-hours calls go to a mobile number or voicemail, you’ll find that this is more convenient than using an answering service.

Other types of configuration come in handy for offices that have several departments or jobs allocated to certain people. Dial-by-name directories are becoming increasingly popular, making it easy for customers to connect with the right person when a receptionist is unavailable. This is also a good way for customers to leave a message after hours. Other important types of configuration that must be kept in mind include how incoming faxes are handled.

Most of the more advanced PBX companies have billing systems that are easy to understand. A common solution for many companies is to offer several plans that include the most common features. One important thing to make sure you’re aware of is whether there are fees for setup, activation or porting in addition to the first month’s fee. These companies not only offer extensive knowledge bases and other self-help features, but also make it easy to reach customer service professionals.

If you’re not completely sure which solution is the best one for you at a first glance, don’t be afraid to do some research. Reviews from others who have used the services you’re interested in can be very helpful for decision-making. Customer reviews can help you find out what both the pros and cons of a specific option are. You’ll have access to plenty of tools that will help you find just the right option. The right PBX system will make things much easier for your company.

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