How Lavasoft Will Protect Your Computer Against Data Thieves

by Kevin on December 10, 2014

Data Theft

Everyone wants peace of mind when they use their computer. After all, why shouldn’t you feel secure in your own home? Companies are consistently upping their game to make sure all your precious data that is stored and transferred, remains private and secure. Even something as seemingly simple as video conferencing has a need for beefed-up security measurements nowadays.

Superior encryption methods are used by many businesses: Yodlee, for one, is the brains behind Australian short-term lending firm K24, retail giant Amazon and bank ANZ.

Larger corporations may have security covered, but what about personal files on your own computer? Thankfully there are a lot of different security software programs to protect a PC, however Lavasoft stands out among them. Since about 1999, Lavasoft implemented security software largely before the world even knew what cyber-crime was really about. The Privacy Toolbox is one of their most useful software packages, largely in part to the duel features available in this bundle.

First up is the Data Encryption tool, granting you access to algorithms that encrypt any file of your choosing, meaning that anyone trying to open the encrypted file will have a tough time doing so. Lavasoft additionally enable the user simple right-click or drag-and-drop methods to get the task done easily.

In the case of sending encrypted files over the Internet, Lavasoft allows only those authorized by you to be able to decrypt and read the document. The guys over at PC World have detailed some additional Lavasoft products.

Lastly is the File Shredding function offered in the Lavasoft package, which can permanently erase any sensitive information in a digital format that you do not want falling into the wrong hands. Even when files are seemingly deleted, they can still be found by experts; however the digital shredder will ensure they stay erased. This includes music, photos, videos and even Word and Excel files.

Additionally, a great feature available from Lavasoft is the ability to create large amounts of free space on your computer, by eliminating browser history, older deleted files and any hidden copies that may be resting on your hard drive.

Lavasoft actually offers a downloadable trial version of the Privacy Toolbox for 30 days, so there’s no reason to not at least give it a shot and assess its worth for yourself. Subscriptions run up to three years and a total of 10 PCs can be installed with the security software, although there is no software for Mac users just yet.

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