How the Titanium Falcon is set to make a whole new gaming experience

by Kevin on January 29, 2016

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The Titanium Falcon Talon has arrived and, as the closest thing to an invisible handset imaginable, it is set to transform all areas of the gaming world – not least the online casino industry which has its own very particular relationship with digital technologies.

In the first instance, Californian crowd-funded tech start-up Titanium Falcon have developed a digital remote controller in the form of a simple finger ring. Discretely proportioned at 3.8mm thickness, the Talon incorporates a Bluetooth low energy connector, a 32-bite CPU and a 9-axis motion control sensor which itself includes an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a compass. You can get a lot into 3.8mm.

Minimal hardware

The Talon is designed to fulfil all of the commands that a typical gaming handset would enable, but with the user having to actually engage with any hardware to only the most limited degree. With the ring worn on the index finger, it offers 3D sensory motion control allied with twin action buttons and the Talon is compatible with any smart device (including VR headsets). The dream of a contactless gaming experience has never been closer.

And this is where the casino gaming part of the story comes in.

A block to engagement

For many typical gamers, the hardware is – or at least has become – an essential part of the gaming experience. You only have to think about PlayStation controllers to recognise that the technology can sometimes get in the way of the game. Admittedly, serious gamers quickly skill up to overcome that barrier, but for others it can be a serious block to enjoyment.

Players at online casinos may share the basic underlying motivation of other players, but for them the thrill is in the intellectual aspect of the game rather than any technological fix.

Shortcutting the technological barrier

But with the advent of the talon anyone looking to play online roulette with 32Red, or to spend an evening getting to grips with online poker at or, can effectively shortcut the technological barrier between themselves and the essence of their game of choice.

Since the whole point of those games is that they require a high degree of concentrated calculation, any distraction inevitably waters down the gaming experience. What the Talon would enable is for 32Red’s players to enjoy the sensation of physically pushing and pulling their chips around a roulette table and changing the volume and frequency of their bets. With the Talon on their finger those same players would have the means to control their bank roll with just a flick of their wrist. They could change their gaming format and the level of their stakes with a simple wave or the tilt of a hand. They would be able to savour a direct boost to their gaming experience. And with less intrusive hardware, it is likely that game playing would be streamlined, meaning more and faster gaming as the laborious business of switching screens – for example, to move from one roulette game to another of the choice of six at 32Red – could be accomplished with no more than a twitch of the thumb. And even in a digital environment there is no substitute for getting your hands on your winnings.

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