How These Five Gadgets Make Your Life Easier

by Jeremiah on July 6, 2015

These days, it seems like there’s a gadget for everything—and that’s fantastic, but it means that those in the market for gadgets start to feel a little overwhelmed. What should I buy? Why should I buy this one, rather than the fifteen similar products by other brands? Looking at reviews is a start, but every user is different, and sometimes things that are good for other people don’t quite fit your life the way you want them to. So let’s take a look back at a few of the gadgets recently featured on Tech Fresh and how they can fit into your life.

Eyeshot Full HD Action Camera with 2.4GHz Waterproof Watch Remote Control

There are a slew of action cameras out there, but we particularly like this one, which gives you the ability to mount your camera someplace and control it remotely—while still seeing exactly what the camera is seeing on a convenient screen on the watch remote control. So let’s say you’re skateboarding and you want to mount the camera on your board. You go ahead and do it, check that the camera angle is correct, and press the button on the watch, and go. It can also be useful to have one of these if you’re using a selfie-stick: no more guessing how long you have to wait, and you can check the angle before you take the picture.

USB 3.1 Portable SSDs from Super Talent Technology

What we really love about these SSDs is their portability. If you’re travelling, you probably want to carry a hard drive with you to back up your photos on, but you don’t want something heavy or bulky. Or if you’re carrying a hard drive back and forth from home to the office, same thing: you want something that you can just throw in your bag and carry easily. These SSDs are pocket-sized but pack a powerful punch since they come in sizes of up to 1TB.

Elecom’s Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

Of course, many devices come with built-in speakers these days, but the built-in speakers generally aren’t good enough for most purposes. Still, it’s hard to imagine going a day without listening to your music, isn’t it? Whether you’re lounging around the house, hosting a party, or anything in between, you’re likely to need speakers. Elecom’s speaker is easy to use, easy to carry, and delivers great sound quality. No more lugging around that heavy boombox, that’s for sure!

The CVYF-104114 10.1-Inch 3G Android 4.4 Tablet

Tablets are useful gadgets regardless of what you do: you can carry around documents for work or school, you can keep yourself entertained or informed while using public transit, you can use it as a virtual cookbook in the kitchen, etc. We particularly like this tablet because of its excellent value for money. It’s not too expensive, but it still has a relatively large screen, is running Android 4.4, has 16GB of internal storage, and has both front- and rear-facing cameras—basically, it can do whatever you need.

Novatek’s Full HD Mini Car DVR

A car DVR records what’s happening while you’re driving and can be a powerful tool in giving you evidence that you can use in traffic court should you have an accident, but its uses go beyond than that. Actually, many people find that with a car DVR installed in their vehicle, they tend to drive more carefully since they know that their actions are being monitored. And hey, it could also be fun to just use the video and record your summer road trip!

Although the world of gadgets can get overwhelming due to the number of options out there, there’s no denying that gadgets can be highly useful in our daily lives. And the price of many of these gadgets is surprisingly reasonable, meaning there’s no reason not to gear up!

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