How to Maximise Your Online Sales Conversion this Christmas

by Kevin on October 24, 2015


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How To Convert More Christmas Customers: 3 Essentials to Online Sales Conversion

Online shopping continues to grow in popularity with consumers yet, frustratingly for retailers, a significant proportion of shopping baskets are abandoned before completion. There are many reasons for this, from customers changing their mind to experiencing difficulties in the purchase process.

There are a number of ways that retailers can guide or influence customers so that they are encouraged to return and complete their purchase. With Christmas fast approaching, what better time to revisit your marketing strategy and ensure that you take all possible steps to maximise your online sales conversion?

Remarket to visitors who abandoned their journey

Potential customers may simply be visiting your site for ideas, switch midway to a competitor’s site or abandon their purchase because postage was too high or they were timed out. A simple way to re-engage them is to use email to gently remind them about the purchase they were considering on your website. If you have their email, then you can send their shopping basket by email to encourage them back to buy, this can include incentives that may appeal to encourage conversion. If you don’t already have their email address, use a basket reminder overlay as they exit the site to capture their email address in exchange for offers and special deals they might be interested in.

Using cloud.IQ’soverlay technology can help manage this process. As soon as the software detects that a customer is about to leave your site it displays a message. This could ask if they want to subscribe to your mailing list or offer to email the basket details to them. You can then send cart recovery emails – ideal in the run up to Christmas.

Grow your email subscriptions

Christmas is also the perfect opportunity to take advantage of increased traffic to your website and gain new subscribers to your mailing list. To make the most of this you need to actively manage this process. Set up an overlay or lightbox that offers new subscribers a discount or other incentive to join either when they enter the website, after spending a specified amount of time on the site, or before exit.

Think long-term

A customer should be for life not just Christmas. Once you have their email address and permission to contact them, you can set up automated and personalised emails to interest and engage them else they’ll delete your missives without viewing or unsubscribe. Match your message to your customer. First time visitor? Send them a tailored “Welcome” email that encourages them back to your site with a focus on buyer incentives,. Existing customer? Give them the option of email notifications when items are back in stock or replenishment reminders for products that run out or need replacement parts, as well as featuring related products for cross-selling and upselling.

With Christmas on the horizon there’s still time to get it right and maximise sales this holiday season. CloudIQ’s sales conversion platform can help you to quickly identify and implement the most appropriate marketing strategy. Visit to find out more and start your free trial of this fantastic product.

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