Introducing Nanosheets A.K.A. Cling Wrap for Your Wounds

by Kevin on August 12, 2014


The value of biomaterials has been discovered in various situations and researchers have always tried to discover new ways in which to use it. Recently, it has been discovered that new biomaterials can coat burn wounds and even block out infection which is usually the main cause of complications in the case of burn victims.

Researchers have managed to develop an ultrathin type of coating that they call nanosheets. These nanosheets simply cling wrap themselves to the affected skin’s contours, sealing it tight and keeping infection-causing bacteria blocked from entering the body.

If you are interested in learning about the amazing features of this new technique, you can follow the this year’s 248th edition of the National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society. This meeting will feature a great number of important presentations based on the results they achieved from mice tests. They will cover a wide range of important topics in the field of wound dressing.

What Okamura’s team has tried to do is develop an innovative type of biomaterial made of small nanosheets which are really flexible and at the same time sticky. They have succeeded and their results are very promising. The benefit of using this type of nanosheets is that they can adhere to all sorts of surfaces which make them a perfect choice in situations in which burn victims are involved.

Nanosheets Chart

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