Is flipbook animation useful for computers, or is it just for mobile?

by Kevin on November 3, 2015

Flipbook Animation

You may have heard how great flipbook animation is for creating digital documents to be shared online. If you want to create a document it helps you move from the fairly static experience of a PDF to something far more flexible, that provides a more natural reading experience. Many people suggest that the main benefits of a flipbook lie with its use on mobile devices. This isn’t necessarily the case.

A flipbook is an excellent format for use on a mobile device, as we’ll take a look at. But it also gives the reader a far more interactive and immersive experience even when viewed on a computer or laptop. We’ll introduce you to some of the benefits you can get from flipbook technology on both mobile and desktop.

The benefit of flipbooks for mobile users

Mobile device users benefit greatly from reading content in a flipbook format. Holding a mobile device in your hand feels almost like holding a book or magazine, and all you have to do to turn each page as you read is swipe. Flipbook software also allows them to be created to be accessible across all devices. This means that mobile device users aren’t stuck trying to access links that aren’t mobile friendly. All content in a flipbook, including links, is accessible on both desktop and mobile.

Why flipbooks are not just for mobile

Having identified that flipbooks offer many advantages for readers using a mobile device you may be forgiven for thinking that flipbook animation isn’t really useful on computers; you’d be wrong. There are many benefits to be had from creating digital content in flipbook format that cover all devices.

  • All flipbook animation is compatible across desktop and mobile so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.
  • Links in flipbooks are fully interactive and not awkward and clumsy like they can be in PDF files.
  • Flipbook animation allows you to link to other types of content such as videos and audio files.
  • Flipbooks are easy to share with others, using links to the content.
  • Searching for content in a PDF file can be a nightmare; you can feel as though you’re scrolling forever. This doesn’t happen with flipbooks as they have a search facility.
  • Some flipbook animation software enables the inclusion of bookmarks so that a reader can remember a certain piece of text that they may want to read again.

You can see that there are many benefits you can get from flipbook animation, and yes some of them are more obvious on a mobile device. Flipbook animation is just as valuable on a computer though.

It’s the type of interactive experience that the Internet is supposed to produce. The ability to flip pages over means that you have the feel of reading a traditional book or magazine with a little extra touch for the digital age. The ability to seamlessly link and share also makes flipbook animation completely immersive wherever you are in the world.

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