Just Plug to Unplug – Booting Unwanted Users from Wireless Networks

by Jeremiah on November 13, 2014

Cyborg Unplug

Wireless networking is awesome, but it’s hard work to maintain and keep secure especially when you run a business like a cafe or you have many friends coming in and out of your house. One too many users slowing down or even snooping in on your wireless traffic isn’t cool, but now with Cyborg Unplug you can boot them.

The Unplug was created by Julian Oliver, the famous coder who wrote the Glasshole.sh script, which whole purpose was to kick Google Glass users from WiFi networks. Functioning with the same principle, simply plug the Unplug to kick out those unwanted trespassers.

Legal? It depends on which country you live in, but as long as you use it for personal use and not to hog network bandwidth in public areas, then you should be good.

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