Lian-Li O Series: Thin and Slek Wall-Mountable Chassis

by Jeremiah on December 19, 2014

Lian Li O Series

Thin PC cases are cool, but it’s not so easy to keep them thin these days with fat graphics cards going around. Lian-Li takes the challenge with their all new O Series, a cool line of open-air, wall-mountable chassis. Graphics cards are installed parallel to the motherboard, thanks to its proprietary PCI riser card and extension, so the case can stay thin.

Aimed towards modders, the design boasts an oversized tempered glass window so you can clearly marvel at the belly of your creation. The harddrive cage is covered with black anodized aluminum shield to give it a sleek futuristic look, and to keep your drives cool. The higher models also support water cooling systems, and they are all designed to be mounted on the wall, should you find that pleasing.

Available in the US in February and the prices will go as below:

  • PC-O5: $289
  • PC-O5S: $319
  • PC-O6S: $379
  • PC-O7S: $419

Lian Li O Series

Lian Li O Series

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