The Main Benefits of Cloud PBX

by Kevin on May 13, 2016

Telecommunications is one of the most important tools for a successful business. It enables effective communication with customers and allows for a high standard of customer service. It makes teamwork smoother and easier for employees no matter where they are located. It allows employees to work effectively from home. With a virtual PBX phone system and cloud VoIP, you can reduce the cost of the telecommunication tools for your business while enabling clear and better connections.
Is Your Business Wasting Money on Telecommunications?

Business phone systems that are cloud-based offer high quality communications that cost up to 40 percent less than traditional phone lines. This is a win/win situation, because it frees money that can be invested in your business, whether you are a small start-up or a large corporation as well as giving you a better, more efficient system.

What Are the Main Benefits?

The greatest benefit of telecommunications technology is the ability to allow your business to reach more customers with fewer workers and resources. It makes it possible to have online credit card processing and phone payment, queued customer service lines, virtual meetings, remote monitoring and security monitoring. It is suitable for almost every type of business including healthcare. It offers the ability for businesses to be out of city centers and allows people in remote, rural regions to be connected.

Hosted cloud VoIP systems are easy to administer. Changes and configuration can be made quickly because it can be done from anywhere at any time. It will help you keep your staff coordinated and save money on add-ons, moves and changes because you will be able to do them yourself. It is not necessary to keep a full-time technician available for updates because the provider will do that automatically.

Smartphones are getting smarter and smarter and have become an integral part of communication capability. Your employees can use their phones to access data, work on documents, send and receive emails and attend multimedia conferences.

What Are the Other Advantages of VoIP Systems?

•    Multiple people can speak on the same connection
•    Other types of data can be sent such as files
•    Your connections will only improve as new technology is developed and Internet speeds get faster
•    Unlimited local and domestic long distance calls
•    Voice mail on your smartphone or in your inbox
•    All calls appear from your office number
•    Video calling
•    Mobile apps
•    Professional voice recording services

What Can You Expect from a Hosted VoIP Business Provider?

A top VoIP business provider will offer the latest technology available and constantly upgrade your connection. You can expect excellent voice quality no matter how much data is being transmitted. You will be provided with multi-layer encryption, so you are sure that all of your information and activity over your network is protected and secure. Other services that may be offered are:

•    A detailed analysis of your network and IT infrastructure
•    The ability to grow as your business grows. It may evolve from a small part of your business until you are ready for a complete transformation
•    Several levels of cloud VoIP services
•    Excellent customer service from your provider

Why Change?

Technology has changed the way everyone does business, and for any business to be at the forefront of its industry, it needs to use technology effectively. Traditional PBX systems require an upfront investment for the system as well as ongoing maintenance charges, which actually creates a system that should be making communications easier, much more complicated. These systems become obsolete in five years and the company needs to reinvest in the latest advances. This means it is not a good solution for your evolving workforce and growing business. A cloud PBX solution is easy to use, allows seamless communication and is maintained by the VoIP business systems provider. Your business will have:

•    An affordable system that actually saves you money
•    A scalable system for a different number of users and devices
•    A customizable system for all the features you require
•    A fully managed system by the system provider
•    A complete package of all the features you need
•    A system that reduces the cost of all transactions

It is worth considering hosted VoIP solutions, whether you already own a small business or are planning to create a new business. You will spend less at the outset and save money every month while having high quality communications over several platforms. You can count on a unified communications system that is upgraded and maintained as your business grows.

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