Maintaining Your Computer

by Kevin on April 25, 2017

Keeping your computer maintained is very similar to a car, in many ways. Regular servicing and cleaning is essential to extending the life span of your computer – there are plenty of tools to make this job easy but there are also some jobs you might’ve never known you needed to do:

Regular Cleaning

This doesn’t necessarily mean giving your screen a wipe down every now and then, though it helps, cleaning your computer refers to its software as much as the hardware. You can install several applications, such as ioBit, to clean through your computer’s registry and remove any unnecessary or junk files.


The last thing anyone wants is a virus, whether it’s the person themselves or their computer. In the same way a virus will make a user ill; a computer virus will affect its performance but you can add extra defences to your computer to protect it from virus infiltration.

Anti-Virus software, such as Avast or Norton, will stop viruses accessing your system by identifying them during downloads and scanning incoming updates and E-Mails.


Easily one of the most useful browser extenstions; AdBlock removes banner and pop up advertising from the websites you visit, eliminating the risk of clicking on an advert and being directed to an untrustworthy website – if there’s nothing to click; you can’t click it!

Add Ons

When accessing the internet; you need to know that you can trust the websites you’re accessing. There are many available and you could conduct research via lengthy Google searching but it’s far easier to simply download the Web of Trust add on for your browser.

Any website you attempt to access will have a trust rating depending on the information available from user reviews etc.

Cooling Your PC

A hot PC is an unhappy computer, generally speaking, as the hard drive will heat up when there are too many processes operating at any one time. If you have a lot of programmes running at once; you may feel your laptop become hot or hear a tower’s fan kick in to cool the system down.

Fan assisted laptop mounts and uprated PC cooling systems are available and well worth investing in.

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