My 5 Top Upcoming PC Games for 2014

by Vie on June 17, 2014

PC gaming is one of my guilty pleasures and I have been following the progress of PC games throughout the years and they only get better and better. From smooth renderings to pleasant color compositions, brilliant sound effects and soundtracks along with exciting and not to mention addicting story lines and strategies that requires a lot of thinking, they are no longer just games, but can also work as tools to sharpen your brain.

These are some games I couldn’t wait to get my hands, or my eyes, on and they’re coming soon in 2014. Here are my top 5 so far:

1. Game of Thrones


This is the only series that can keep me up all night and I look forward to playing this on my computer. We might just finish with season 4 but we are just getting started with the game. I have a feeling I’ll have even more panda eyes in the future.

2. The Walking Dead Season 2


Zombie much? Ok, I must admit the first few seasons of Walking Dead were quite intense, but after going to season 3, I think it gets a little bit slow and boring. I hope that’s not the case with the PC game! I have high hopes for this one.

3. Mirror’s Edge 2


I’m always up for a strong female character in the game and that’s why the moment I played Mirror’s Edge for the first time I got addicted right away. It is all about strategy, agility and confidence. I can’t wait to reveal what part 2 has got to offer!

4. Grand Theft Auto 5


Those who are up for some adrenaline rush and good background music are probably very familiar with the GTA series. In GTA 5 there are three different characters you can choose cruising around Los Santos. Get on the ride, enjoy the speed and hits the neighborhood!

5. Worlds of Magic


Who doesn’t like a little bit of magic? Dragons, knights, armors and swords! Worlds of Magic is a 3D modern game that requires a lot of thinking because this is all about strategy. One of the interesting features from this game is the 12 schools of magic that you need to master.

Now that I have listed down my most-anticipated PC games for 2014, all I need to do is to make sure that my PC is ready and so is my internet connection. There is nothing more frustrating than having slow internet when you’re playing PC games, and lucky for us, we have cheap broadband from iiNet. The last thing you want is to have “hiccups” when you’re in the middle of slaying a zombie’s head or barging in a dragon’s lair!

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