Online Bingo Increases in Popularity for 2017

by Kevin on December 19, 2016

When you think of bingo, you might think of a geriatric population playing in dusty, old halls. Bingo is more than it first appears though, with online bingo in particular taking the world by storm. We saw a lot of it in 2016 and 2017 seems set to be another period of growth for the comeback industry of bingo.

One massive reason that this hobby is becoming more popular is that there are loads of incentives for new players. As a new player, or newbie as they’re known, the world is your oyster. They’ll give you offers on mobile, desktop or any other way you want to play.

The sheer amount of bonus funds available is mind boggling, as many sites will let you play for free. There aren’t many things you can try before you buy these days but online bingo is one of them.

As with any market, when one company starts doing well – everyone else dives in too. That’s one reason we’re seeing so many new sites, and we’re likely to see even more new bingo sites 2017 too. They focus on just about any theme now, from cartoon crocs to futuristic stations. The key for a good bingo site now is to offer something that stands out from the crowd.

You might think that bingo is a game that’s all down to luck but there’s actually a lot of strategy involved, as the game is down to simple mathematical probability. This makes it a more viable way to play, as many attempt to win big money on these games. Beating the system takes the perfect mixture of luck and wits, as players must choose their site, game and tickets wisely to win.

Nevertheless, there have been some that have scored some amazing jackpots from these games, which fuels the hype around them even more. For a period of time in 2016, it felt like we were hearing about a new winner every week, with millions being won. Even on smaller sites, the operators were upping their games with more gadget prizes, sometimes being won in free games.

Technology has really influenced this industry, as each innovation makes it easier for players to get online. Playing on mobile and HTML5 has been a pivotal innovation for the industry, as it has drastically increased the amount of players. The ease of use and amount of choice for mobile players has really upped the bingo game, something which we’re sure to see continue next year.

All in all, 2016 brought around a huge resurgence in this game and the sector is booming. This has given bingo the much needed lift that it needs to cement a place in popular culture once again.

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