Onyx Keeps You Connected at Critical Moments

by Jeremiah on November 5, 2014

OnBeep Onyx

Born out of the minds of two emergency responders, Onyx is a simple device that enables any two persons to stay in good communications during emergency situations. It works like a two way radio, which is normally big and bulky, not to mention expensive, except that it uses data connection, so you could virtually be across the globe from each other.

At $99 you can actually use this in less than emergency situations too, like when coordinating an event, or making sure you can find your partner when shopping at different shops at the mall, etc. Just push to talk, no dialing, no touching any screens, simply talk in real time as if the other person is standing right next to you. It is light, small, and can be clipped on your belt or on your jacket, or anywhere else you might clip this sort of coolness.

OnBeep Onyx Jacket

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