Modular LED Concept By Adam Wendel

by Johan on March 28, 2011

Modular LED Concept By Adam Wendel

Designed by Adam Wendel, the Modular LED concept allows users to create the perfect arrangement depending on size or intention. The shape gives them a futuristic and elegant look. Suspended from the ceiling or adapted to a table lamp base, the object can live 2-dimensionally or the components can be rotated and conjoined creating a unique 3-D form. Read more

PowerKiss Builds Wireless Charger Into Furniture

PowerKiss has joined with airport seating supplier Zoeftig to create furniture for public places like airports, hotels, restaurants and conferences, which is able to charge cell phones. PowerKiss makes a small receiver (the Ring), which plugs into cell phones, and an electrical transmitter, which is built into a piece of furniture like a table (the Heart). You can place your cell phone on the table and it charges wirelessly. [VentureBeat]

Detect Nuclear Radiations With The Geiger Counter FJ-2000

Folks in Japan are now able to buy the Geiger Counter FJ-2000 from Japan Trend Shop. This sophisticated and accurate Geiger Counter measures radiation in your surroundings and lets you know how safe you are. With a range of 0.1µSv/H – 999.9µSv/H you will learn instantly whether you should be worried about increased radiation or not. Designed for the general consumers, the gadget is very easy to use and understand. An alarm will also sound when radiation is measured above 25µSv/H, giving you the signal to evacuate. The Geiger Counter FJ-2000 can be bought at Japan Trends for $609, with additional worldwide express costs at $19. [Japan Trend Shop]

Chain Table Lamp By Ilaria Marelli

by Johan on March 27, 2011

Chain Table Lamp By Ilaria Marelli

Designed for Nemo by Ilaria Marelli, the Chain table lamp features the same high-grade elegance and preciousness of jewelery. The lamp comes with a touch-dimmer on the base that enables to switch it On and adjust the light intensity. If you want one, you can purchase this unique table lamp for £419 or around $670. [Product Page]

TAG Heuer Mikrotimer Flying 1000 Concept Watch

The TAG Heuer Mikrotimer Flying 1000 concept watch is known as the first mechanical chronograph to achieve 1/100 accuracy and a speed of 500hz. Set to debut later this week at Basal, the timepiece features a highly modern design with an innovative case system made of black titanium carbide and silver titanium horns. As this model is currently a concept watch, there is no word on when it will go into production. [TAG Heuer]