Toshiba Gaming Laptop

by FreshEffect on March 28, 2006

Toshiba is introducing their new gaming laptop called the P105-S921. At 1.83 GHz, the Intel Core Duo T2400 and the 1GB of DDR memory plus a 160GB hard drive, give you all you need in a laptop. Availability and price have not been released yet. Via TechEBlog.

Evesham Widescreen LCD TV

by FreshEffect on March 28, 2006

Here’s the latest LCD TV from Evesham. This television is 32-inches, and it is HD ready(720p/1080i). Another key feature to this already spectacular looking television is that it can do Picture in Picture. That allows you to watch multiple channels and connect to the computer and watch TV at the same time. At £750, expect to get your moneys worth. Via Bios Magazine.

Compact Sony Network Walkman A/E series

by Johnick on March 28, 2006

Compact Sony Network Walkman A/E series
If you think the days of the Sony Walkman are over, think again. Sony is supposed to introduce a new flash drive sized MP3 Walkmans which come in different colors and in 512 mb, 1 GB and 2 GB flavors. Other details are yet to be announced. The players come with a one-line display to show you what’s playing & also house a built in player button along with a USB connection slot, making them serious competitors in the iShuffle market. How’s that for ultra small, portable, and informative? Info via PC World.

Nextar MC3007 Portable Media Player

by Alexander on March 27, 2006

Nextar MC3007 Portable Media Player
Nextar has just introduced the Nextar MC3007 Portable Media Player, an inexpensive PMP that’s full of features, it plays and records video files & audio/music files, and allows you to view picture files with its 7-inch display and 40 GB hard drive. It connects via USB and has an SD slot for extra storage. All this for less than $400 US. Info via Gizmodo.

Nokia 9300 Blackberry Phone

by FreshEffect on March 27, 2006

Check out Cingular’s newest phone. It is the best of two worlds. It is a flip phone and a Blackberry. Blackberries are ideal for texting, internet, email, taking pictures, media, word processing and is a high-end type of phone. More information and price to come. Via Gearlog.