BenQ’sJoybee N370 OLED MP3 Player

by FreshEffect on March 17, 2006


Basically it’s your standard music player with built-in FM tuning and a mic. You can play back videos on its OLED display, though we wouldn’t recommend, and the device can play USB host to offload images from your camera or for other such situations. Via Engadget.

New Sony PSP Accessories Screens

by FreshEffect on March 17, 2006

New Sony PSP Accessories Screens
Good news for Sony PSP owners. Sony is releasing new accessories this Summer that would make any PSP owner happy. From PSP cameras to GPS be on the look out. Via Engadget.

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Kingston Self-Destruct Flash Drive

by Alexander on March 16, 2006

Kingston Self-Destruct Flash Drive
Kingston has just introduced a privacy USB flash drive for travelers. The user gets 25 attempts to unlock the data before the drive erases all the data on itself. This is a great gadget for anyone who wants to feel like a secret agent. Info via Engadget.

WarmX – Warming Textiles

by Jeremiah on March 16, 2006

WarmX - Warming Textiles
Tired of freezing those winter mornings? Try the WarmX undershirts, with 100% polycolon microfibre fabric that doesn’t short-circuit, is washable, and produces seven percent of a body’s heat.

You can drop your long johns and pick up one of these for EURO 258.

Via The Gadget Blog

Windows Runs on New Intel Macs

by FreshEffect on March 16, 2006


A programmer named Blanka has produced a video showing Windows XP running natively on a new Intel-powered iMac, thus winning a $13,854 prize. The iMac was dual-bootable, offering the choice of Windows or Mac OS at startup – you can find the video over at Engadget.