Fujitsu F702id Clamshell with Dual Megapixel Cameras

The Fujitsu F702id is sized at 98 x 51 x 33mm, and weighs 114 grams. It has a 2.2” TFT LCD and dual cameras. The primary camera is 1.28 MP, and is used mainly for regular things like taking pictures. The other one is a little bit lower in quality at 1.1 MP, and is used for video phone. To keep it secure, the Fujitsu F702id has a biometric finger sensor which will probably useful when a thief steals your phone. It is a rare feature for a cellular phone. There is no further information about pricing. Please visit MobileMagazine for more updates.

MSI Digi Player 600 vs iPod Shuffle

by Johan on May 11, 2006

MSI Digi Player 600

MSI Digi Player 600 and iPod Shuffle have similar designs but the MSI Digi Player 600 offers more advantages. The Digi Player is better than iPod Shuffle for its features. It can not only display photos, but also play videos. It can handle both MP3 and WMA formats, includes an FM radio and a built in microphone. Furthermore, MSI Digi Player doesn’t have a built in USB connector, but you can attach an external USB dongle via the multi purpose mini jack connector. It connects to PC via USB 2.0. MSI Digi Player 600 is available in Europe for 50.71 Euro. You can visit IMP3 for more information.

Sirius Sportster4 Plug & Play Radio

by Jeremiah on May 11, 2006

Sirius Sportster4 Plug & Play Radio

SIRIUS Satellite Radio just released the latest addition to its popular Sportster series today. This next generation Sirius Sportster4 Plug & Play Radio is a state of the art satellite radio with a form factor 40% smaller than its siblings. It is equipped with a very user friendly interface and weighs only about 4.2 ounces. It comes preloaded with 30 presets, parental control options, a clock with 7 times zone options, an auto shutdown mechanism and a sleep timer. What’s cool is that it can replay up to 40 minutes of live footage, and with one click of a button you can get radio alerts about the local traffic and weather conditions.

Accessories packed with the Sportster4 include a receiver, remote control, vehicle docking station, suction cup and vent clip mounting options. Available this month for $169.99.

From SIRIUS via Mobile Whack.

Guy blows up a G4, makes $5,000 to buy a G5

by Jeremiah on May 10, 2006

Power Mac G4

What do you do with a Power Mac G4 sitting on your office table collecting dust? I’d donate it to charity or give it away to my poor cousin in Asia. Not this guy. He thought he’d blow it up and collect $5,000 in the process to buy him a new Power Mac G5. And he did. Video clip after the jump.

Via TechEBlog.

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Sony PlayStation 3

Sony Computer Entertainment America announced that they will release the Sony PlayStation 3 in North America on November 17, 2006. It will feature the new advanced RSX graphics chip with two choices of hard drive capacities, 20GB and 60GB. Sony will use a new motion-sensing controller which will feature an integrated six-axis sensing system. Using a Blu-ray drive, Sony confirmed that they will launch a handful of game titles. The price tag will be $499 for the model with a 20GB hard drive and $599 for the model with a 60GB hard drive. For more information you can visit PS3 Informer. Via PeepCulture.