How the PC gaming industry is challenging consoles

by Kevin on April 2, 2016


The first ever major gaming convention, solely for PC, is being held this weekend in the UK!

Some may deem such a conference pointless because of the decline of PC as a gaming machine, down to the likes of PS4 and Xbox but PC gaming has sneaked a little comeback over the past few years. Games that savour the PC platform, best of bingo sites for an example, and strategy games have helped in elevating PC popularity. The gaming industry may be centered around more than just the Xbox and PS4. Lets take a closer look at how this may have come to pass.

The editor of the ‘PC Gamer Pro’ magazine, Chris Thursten had this to say to ‘Newsbeat’ after setting up the event to appease the fan pressure for it to happen.

PC gaming really came back into popularity a couple of years ago,” he tells Newsbeat.

“Simply, I think, because it’s a much cheaper way of playing games once you have the technology to do it.”

Not only are PC games more accessible nowadays, they are also cheaper and have set higher standards of innovation surrounding the rise of free games than other platforms according to John Clarke from Total War publishers SEGA.

“[PC games are the] ones you don’t have to pay for up front, that happened on PC first.

“That links directly to the rise of e-sports’ games (like League of Legends or DOTA).”

But how does PC gaming compare with Xbox and PS4?

Steam, a leading PC platform for purchasing games and sharing content states that it has a community of 125 million active PC gamers.

That figure extend far beyond the 48 million who signed up for Xbox live and beyond the figure of 110 million reported Playstation network users.


How? The Hardware

The gaming markets face challenges often, but how has the PC industry served in front of them as compared with the console industry?

A worker for leading peripheral devices manufacturer for PC, Nvidia, Ben Berraondo said:

“PC gaming traditionally has been driven by an enthusiast user, someone that might spend a lot of money on hardware

“But I believe that’s changed over the last few years.”

Ben is of the opinion that PC gaming has become far less technical granting higher appeal to the casual audience.

He told us: “People used to spend a lot of time building their own PC, and there wasn’t much help or support around. That’s changed.

“We wanted to take away that confusion and really make it as easy as downloading one simple file to run all your system settings for a game.”

He says that as a company they have turned their attention to making it as straightforward as possible for people to play on PC.

“In the end people just want to play the games they love.”


The future

But what do the coming years have in store for us?

Chris suggests there are both, challenges and opportunities, ahead.

“The industry does still have some work to do to explain that it can be for everybody.” he stated

But the other side of the picture is the advent of virtual reality which he thinks is a tremendous opportunity to shoot up sales.

“If it’s as big a deal as the industry thinks, then a lot of that attention will be on PC.”

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