Pickup Girls with the Kisai Rogue Touch

by Kevin on September 29, 2012

Kisai Rogue Touch

We are a big fan of TokyoFlash not just for their unique futuristic watches but also because they provide a breeding ground for imagineers. If you’ve ever been a kid wanting to make cool gadgets when you grow up, you know what I’m talking about. So when we received the Kisai Rogue Touch, it was more than a sweet treat.

When we found it in the mail, the watch came in an unassuming protective cardboard box. Inside is another black box with a simple, sleek design. Then the watch itself in its polished stainless steel gunmetal finish.

Kisai Rogue Touch

First look we were very impressed by the fine workmanship. However on a closer look we can’t decide whether we like the slight bronzing or not. We would rather have it solid black or even matte black, but that’s probably just a matter of personal taste. The body is very sturdy and has an expensive feel to it, so you can wear it with pride.

You will find the LCD/LED watch face to be beveled. It gives a pronounced definition from the body which we find very nice to the touch when you run your fingers around the bezel.

Now on to the cool features. What we first noticed was the awesome ring around animation. We almost felt like we were in a circular version of the Matrix for a split-second. Reading time took a bit of a learning curve, but it’s nothing an eight grader can’t do. It actually sort of kick-starts your brain every time so it may have potential health benefits too. It has a built-in alarm clock, a calendar, and even a secondary time zone feature.

When illuminated it makes a good chick magnet in the dark. I took it to a club one time and I was checking the time when this cute girl came to me and started playing with the watch. She was probably high as she was very incoherent but she seemed to be deeply attracted to it, so I let her play with it for a while and the rest is NSFW.

Kisai Rogue Touch

In the water, it’s quite a performer as well. We didn’t dare take it deeper than its 3ATM limit but we did play with it in the pool and also out in the ocean. Despite sand getting stuck in the metal band it did mercifully well. Once rinsed, cleaned and dried, it looked right back as new without a glitch in performance. I wouldn’t think twice taking it camping or out-bounding, just look how comfortable it sits between the rocks below.

Kisai Rogue Touch


At $199 we think it’s a great timepiece to up your cool and possibly win a you few hot dates. All in all the watch itself is a very unique, one of a kind gadget that you can bet your life you can be proud of. Coming in red, green and blue it covers all the spectrum of life, just like your monitor. Just make sure you take some time to figure it out otherwise you may put yourself in a fool’s errand when you try to tell time in front of a stranger.

Oh yeah last but not least we also find the audible feedback very useful, especially since there are no definite borders around the different touch areas. It assists by telling you when you actually press the right icon.

Now, win a TokyoFlash Watch and be cool like us!

Here’s your chance to win one of these, or any of these from TokyoFlash. Tell us why we should give you a free TokyoFlash watch AND come up with one unique, creative use for it. Please write the answer on either our Facebook Page, or on your own blog (linking to this post). Then give us the link to your answer down in the comment section.

We will pick a winner before Halloween, so take your time and good luck!

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