PS5 Console Release Date and Rumours

by Kevin on April 7, 2016


We no little about the PlayStation 5, however a reasonable guess would be that its launch is likely years rather than months away. In this article we’ll discuss the rumours and speculation surrounding the PS5.


After PS VR launch, which is frugal alternate of Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Sony deems to make PS4 efficient to run PS VR better.  PS VR won’t be that dominant as the Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE as they rely on ‘master Race’ PC. That’s why PS 4.5 will not only enhance VR experience on PS VR but also be affordable than the Rift or Vive.

The PlayStation VR will launch this year. It’s more than just an accessory for the PS4. Experts believe that the PS VR is paving the way for cloud-based gaming for PS5.

Some reports suggest that PS5 will sport two different models, one a beefy specs console with VR and the later is mini streaming device. Previously rumors claim that fifth installment in PlayStation will sport AMD’s punch packing hardware for ultra HD gaming and disc drive will be dropped in favor of streaming support.

If it all comes true then gamers will enjoy having any of two variants as both will offer futuristic gaming in their own way, one by enabling VR over 4K gaming and other by providing cloud storage.

Despite strong claims of PS5 as typical gaming powerhouse some suggests it will be streaming device with 4k gaming support and VR enabled.

What if Sony has stored something varying for us and PS5 would be a streaming device. Streaming has favorable outcome in recent years. PS5 could be a smart phone sized device that can stream games on TV and internet is required which can be found anywhere these days.

It will liberate gamers from the haunting of storage running out. Cloud based gaming can really be reality in PS5 but only if Sony wills.

As of now we are reluctant about any solid news for release date, as all of these are just from rumors mill. But what we can state that the powerhouse GPU and the Processor that PS5 will rock, will be provided by AMD.

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